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Golden Hue Golden Hue
by Nikos Laios
2020-08-25 10:37:39
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There's so much cruelty in the world,
So much hatred and malice,
My heart weeps;
We see differences
Instead of similarities.

it_came_from_below_400I hold up a glass
Of scotch to the light
And watch the sun
Play through the
Swirling golden hue,
Then an old Greek love song
Crackles from the radio.

I think about the
Silent voices
And hollow choices;
I roll it up in a ball,
I sniff it, snort it,
I lose myself
In cunts and boobs
And arse and booze,
In silent solemn prayers;
I think about the army
Of people staring
At their wallpaper around
The world right now
Contemplating it all.

I stare at my hand
Wrapped around
The scotch glass,
An instrument
Of love or death,
I roll up my hand
In a ball;
We raise fists
When we should be

We scatter
Around the globe
In our warring tribes,
Yet we share
The same daily
Sorrows and joys,
Habits and vices.

A beautiful song,
A mother's love,
A joyful wedding,
A happy birth,
The darkness of loss,
Hungry children,
Seedy nights
Playing out in
Nightclubs and bars,
An orange sunset,
A lyrical sunrise,
A shared communion
Of bread and wine,
Laughter and babbling voices
Around a table in the open air
Under a dappling plane tree
In the green of springtime
Surrounded by loving faces.

There's so much cruelty in the world,
So much hatred and malice
When there can be
So much laughter and joy,
But it all starts with love;
And each new generation
Brings a new hope to the world.

We cling to hope
Like a drowning man clings
To flotsam at sea,
For hope is the only
Thing we have left,
Our only salvation.

I raise my glass,
I drink to love,
I drink to hope,
And contemplate
The world to the sound
Of ice cubes clinking
In a swirling golden hue.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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