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Power struggles Power struggles
by Joseph Gatt
2020-08-31 09:42:58
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A lot of people tell me something along the lines of “Yossi, you speak 9 languages and have a few other skills, getting a job must be easy. Any job you apply to you will get. Getting laid must be easy. Any girl you fancy you must get.”

That's not quite how it works.

We do live in a world where people don't like it when we challenge their authority.

So in my professional career, and in my past dating life, I always lost the power struggles, because I had no idea a kid like me could challenge people's authority.

pow0001_400So here are some examples of how I've failed to get what I wanted because I did not fit into the power struggle schemes.

You would think that big name universities would pick the very best students. Oddly enough, I noticed that most big name universities had rather conventional profiles when it came their students. No skill or talent out of the ordinary.

I failed to gain entry to big name universities. I used to think that it was because of my test scores or unconventional academic track or something.

But university admissions staff are not blind. They read my resume the same way anyone else would read my resume.

So the university admissions staff freaked out. Yossi Gatt will challenge the authority of the professors and the administration, and professors and administration won't be able to use the students like they used to.

Universities are as much about exploiting students as they are about “teaching” students. So universities frame the students as “weak” that way they can use the students to get to do chores and skunk works, including preparing conferences, ghost writing papers for the professors, and doing other chores the professors would rather do away with, like grading a ton of papers or fetching undergrads to get them to sign papers or hand in useless documents.

So universities tend not to want students who have read books and could lecture the professors, or who could challenge the professors' authority in any way.

Universities don't want students who can write and express thoughts and ideas clearly. They want students who have trouble expressing ideas and thoughts. Easier to manipulate.

Now Yossi Gatt could get any job he wants, right?

No! Jobs are as much about not challenging the CEO's authority as they are about getting work done!

I remember getting hired for a job once. I spent a month trying to figure out what my role at that company was. Instructions were confusing, and I had never been briefed on my mission.

I hadn't even met the different people who worked at the company.

About a month into the job I had my Eureka moment. The job was in Algeria, at a Korean company.

The Korean company employed Mr. Park, who was fluent in both Korean and French, albeit his French was not always grammatical.

A month into the job, I had been assigned a mission with Mr. Park, meeting clients. Mr. Park did not greet me, refused to talk to me during the entire 4 hour meeting, and was visibly nervous, and made sure I was invisible during the meeting. I was nervous as well, and pretended to take notes when I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing at that meeting.

Later that day it all came clear to me. Mr. Park, because he spoke fluent French, had that attitude where he would constantly show up to work late, would switch off his phone, and I remembered that my bosses had trouble getting in touch with him. Yet they could not fire Mr. Park, because bilingual Korean-French speakers are very rare, almost impossible to find.

Now I played the devil when I found out I had been hired to intimidate Mr. Park, not to get real work done. I thought to myself that I would give the company a week to openly discuss the situation in straightforward manner, and if conversation does not take place, I'll resign. And I did resign.

Now there have been countless other job interviews and jobs I held where people were nervous around me, not that I'm a nuisance to be around. Ordinary workers were worried they'd lose their jobs, and the CEOs were worried I would challenge their authority.

Women. A lot of people think I could get any woman I wanted with those skills. Well, not really.

Most couples have in-built power struggles as well, as in the stereotypical wife who tells her husband to take out the trash and the husband refuses until the game on TV is over.

So I've noticed women tend to play this game with me, a game I rather dislike. They'll shower me with praise a week into our dating, then they'll grow increasingly cold, distant, and make it sound like they can do away with me.

When I threaten to exit the relationship, they hint my leaving would be like their soul being hit by a nuclear bomb. But then again, they start playing this game where they could do away with me.

This kind of power struggle is one where the girls I've dated want me to stay in the relationship, but they tend not to want me to gain too much authority within the relationship. That is they want me to stay, but the girls want to assume the leadership position within the couple.

Then the couple becomes a power struggle with other people in the circle, and that leads to a strange power game, the kind of games I dislike.

I'll finish with this. I remember my good friend, and brother, Daniel, who on the train kept telling me “Yossi, if I had to kill someone to gain your skills and knowledge, I would kill someone.” My reply to Daniel was “Daniel, you've kept your job for 25 years. If you had my skills and knowledge, they would have fired you by the third week. Or you would have dealt with so much nonsense you would have quit by the third week.”

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