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Delos Delos
by Nikos Laios
2020-08-19 09:10:57
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Between the shadows
And the dying sunlight
The broken bronze fingers
Hide in the long grass
And wild flowers.

searchlights_400Patches of light and shadow
Play against the ancient walls,
The crumbling plaster
Revealing rough blocks
Of stone.

My footsteps echoed
On the cobblestones
And fragments of marble columns,
Fluted and white like
Fishbones drying under
The hot sun on a beach.

The buzz of cicadas
Floated through the
Summer air,
And the wild green
Fleshy cactus
Glistened under
The blue Aegean light.

I felt solemn and light
Walking through the
Ruins of Delos,
Human voices
Long gone,

I imagined the
The ancient voices
Babbling, mingling
With the fragrant wisps
Of smoke rising up
From the altars
Towards the sun,
And the haggle
In the marketplace,
The sound of reed pipes,
Drums and tambourines.

I imagined that's
Where the magic lived,
At sunset,
Between the shadows
And the sunlight
Filled with echoes
Of the past
Thick in
The air.

The boat
Left the ancient
Port of Delos
The glistening
Blue waves,
And I looked back
One last time
At the ancient isle,
And it sent a shiver
Up my spine.

I had left a piece
Of my soul back
There, and I would
Return one
Day to deposit
More pieces.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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