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The Only True Solution for Peace Between Israel and Palestine: Part One The Only True Solution for Peace Between Israel and Palestine: Part One
by Bohdan Yuri
2020-08-17 08:39:31
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Now that Jared Kushner’s new Middle East Peace Plan dissolved into just another smoke filled delusion many are now realizing that the two state solution was also a pipe dream from the start.

Almost twenty years ago I’d written an article entitled, "THE ROAD TO PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST OR THE ROAD TO ARMAGEDDON: WE MUST CHOOSE NOW!"

I’d sent it to various publications. Most never replied and the Jewish Publications’ opinion ranged from blasphemy/heresy to an insult. It was finally published in OviMagazine: Ovi Magazine : Road to peace by Bohdan Yuri.

mideas01_400_01While most peace plans at that time were mired in a two state solution I was campaigning on behalf of a one state policy.

In that article I’d also proposed what I believed was an actual workable plan to initiate the only True road-map for peace in Israel.....even in light of the new settlements taken over by the Israelis on the West Bank at that time…….coincidentally just the present.

So now I’d like to share that thought. Maybe it’s still not too late to change the course of Hate, Mistrust, and Murder….on ALL sides. Here's an excerpt:

“…So here it is: the only solution never seriously discussed is that which will allow Palestinians and Jews to live side by side, literally and logistically as next door neighbors; sharing not only the spaces with each other but also learning to live as friends in peace, and with respect. Sharing the same environment, the same living standards, can make all the difference.

Obviously this is only a pipe dream, even a madman's delusion, ask anybody. They would kill each other, wouldn't they? If the answer is yes, then what's the use of trying anything? But, if they'd learn to share the dream of better futures for their children then perhaps they can heal the wounds that are carried into each child's generation. After all, it is the children who must learn to live in peace from any time on. For the adults, the hate has already taken hold; therefore, their God-given logic has to overcome their hateful passions.

And this is how it can be started: throughout all of the disputed Israeli settlements on the West Bank and former Palestine, propose that the housing communities shall remain intact and with a plan for expansion, for the sake of this amendment, this experiment: - that each house/apartment shall have as it's next door occupant the opposite, an even distribution of Palestinians and Jews; thereby, creating an environment of neighbors, hopefully a community that can learn to live in peace and with respect towards one another, a new kind of country; even by name, if necessary. (Perhaps, "New Jerusalem”, instead of Israel-Palestine, as these are the two warring countries that will not stop fighting until one side has complete control to call its own.)

Ironically, this plan may even create a bombproof and helicopter attack proof neighborhood. Any explosions in such a neighborhood would surely have victims from both sides, a deterrent, perhaps. But also, those who would live this experiment must and would need extreme courage, not only to their own but to the rest of the world, as many would try to destroy that kind of peace. But it would be up to the leaders from each side to also show the courage of leadership.”

“…I know, hard to imagine it to be so simple. It isn't! But you have to start somewhere, lives are wasted and both sides are tired of it. Instead of saying it won't work, why not try to find a way to make it work.”

Just imagine if twenty years ago that plan had been initiated in all the newly built settlements since then. That’s a whole generation that would have learned to live amongst each other --- hopefully it would have flourished in Peace.

Let’s learn to share the wealth in the Land of Milk and Honey, there’s enough for all.
It’s not too late to find the Strength, Courage, and Wisdom for such an idea…..is it?

1.  Ovi Magazine : Road to peace by Bohdan Yuri

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