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Koulis' way Koulis' way
by Thanos Kalamidas
2020-08-15 10:40:07
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While an army helicopter applied to transport the Greek Prime minister, Kyriakos “Koulis” Mitsotakis from the cosmopolitan island of Antiparos where he was vacating to the Ancient theatre of Epidaurus to watch a play with his wife, while there was no transportation to take him to the drowning from the floodwaters Evvoia with the number of dead constantly increasing, – a three years-old girl among them – on Sunday when the locals were still counting material catastrophes and dead.

koul001_400_01And that concludes the picture of a corrupted leader who lives for the cameras and the Kardashian lifestyle but not for the people who he suppose to protect. One of the most corrupted governments in Europe, a far-right disgrace full of elements of populism, xenophobia, nepotism and authoritarianism. Greece is under a very dangerous regime, similar to Viktor Orbán’s regime in Hungary with the only difference that Hungary didn’t endanger bankruptcy and the total financial meltdown ten years ago. But Greece did.

And while the nation was still trying to heal the wounds the inhuman memorandums have left them with, Kyriakos “Koulis” Mitsotakis won the elections and the majority of the Greek parliament with populist promises decorated with nationalistic and often xenophobic pledges. The very same man and the very same political party, - New Democracy - that led the country to bankruptcy with their corruption.

In this government apart from the prime minister, Kyriakos “Koulis” Mitsotakis who has a scandalous past with bribes and family members included in the Panama papers scandal with laundering money there are active ministers under investigation from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from bribes from the pharmaceutical company Novartis. Accusations that the company has already accepted in USA and paid huge penalties for that. In Greece, first we take the parliament then we take justice. By all means. Orbán’s way or better Carlito’s way, the mafia film with Al Pacino. Just like that.

The same time the economy is falling into a deep recession, the opening to the market after the lockdown has brought a second wave of coronavirus victims and it seems that is going to be much-much worst than the first one, unemployment has reached memorandums’ dramatic levels and the rich are getting richer with the poor starving. All that while Mitsotaki’s mafia funds “friendly” media to promote …his wife’s Kardashian lifestyle, “friendly” businessmen get all the state works and all the money coming from EU as help down to the money for the refugees.

This is today’s reality in Greece!

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