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A Kamala ...question A Kamala ...question
by Thanos Kalamidas
2020-08-13 11:05:33
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Joe Biden did the only - and let’s hope the right - pick for running mate for the simple reason that every other choice would look either motivated from personal insecurities or influenced from in-party pressure. Plus – and that’s a serious bonus - the fact that the last person the Trumpist-gang wanted to deal with is Kamala Harris.

kamala01_400Kamala Harris is the first African American and first Asian American to be nominated for vice president by a major political party. Period. That it self makes her a difficult opponent where the wrong word, the wrong expression can received as an insult in a good day. So …Trump turned to his good old working insults. She’s nasty, she’s liberal, socialist, she will take your guns. And while this is a good omen, the question remains if Kamala Harris is the right person for this so strange presidential race.

Kamala didn’t do really well with her campaign during the Democratic Party elections for a runner despite the fact that she was generally well liked. One thing that definitely came against her was her often backtracking in serious issues, like healthcare. Well she can spin it today as a learn and rethink but that’s not a real answer, is it? What did she do in the congress for four years if not learning and understanding?

Please, don’t misunderstand me, I’m not against Kamala Harris, on the contrary and as I said in the beginning, I think she’s the perfect running mate for …uncle Joe. They are both opponents to Trump and the Trumpism he has established no only in Washington but globally the last four years. Would have been the same perfect choice if Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or even John Kasich represented the Republican Party from the other side? Even Ted Cruz wouldn’t have done the same mess Trump has done and perhaps he would have done a few good things to touch the middle class, the working class, the immigrants and the African-Americans.

So here we are, the big question that will always remain somewhere in the background, win or not, it will be if Biden/Harris were the right people for the US presidency or they were the most obvious solution to overthrow Trump.

Personally I’m really glad Kamala Harris joined Biden in this race, aside Trump’s negativity, Pence’s depression and Biden’s reinsured stability, Kamala brought back hope. She brought hope for change inside the Democratic Party, she brought hope for change for the US minorities and US working class, she brought hop to the whole world who directly or indirectly, Trump has managed to screw so badly.

In 2009 and just after he was elected. Barack Obama was awarded the Peace Nobel Prize for bringing hope to the word, personally I hope Kamala’s prize to be the VP seat by the end of 2020 and the presidential by 2024.

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