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Reply to a Declaration of Grievances Reply to a Declaration of Grievances
by Leah Sellers
2020-08-13 11:05:53
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Yes, your Litany of Grievances are those of most Middle Class, Working Poor and the Poor. Why should We have to Pay for the Hard Luck or Poor Decisions of Others ? Why ? The Rich no longer pay any real Taxes, thanks to the Rich Playboy President we now have and his quick to hop at his every grunt-and-moan, Toadies. Why should We ?
It’s a legitimate Frog Croak.
Here are a few possible reasons why.
gree001_400The Trumpian Regime is intent on Destroying America’s Social Safety Nets and Publicly owned Networks: Social Security, Medicare, Public Schools and the United States Post Office.
Ask YourSelf, why ?!
Joe Biden and his Team will not do that. He is a Man of Action and Faith based….Humanity based….Life Experience based Empathy. He Believes, like most Folks, that he and We the People should Protect and Give a Helping Hand to Any and EveryOne who truly Needs it. We are Our Bothers and Sisters Keepers. Do unto Others as You would have Them Do unto You.
You called Yourself a Christian. Well, what in the World does calling out Conscious and Unconscious Systemic and Individualized Racism (a form of hatred and false state of Superiority) have to do with eliminating your Rights as a Christian ? How are the two related ? Because Christ tells us to Love, Accept and Include All Human Beings…..All ! Christ teaches Us to strive to make OurSelves Better Human Beings each and every day, and to strive for that same State of Being for Everyone !
We are to enter the Leper Caves of our own Minds, Hearts and Souls, and the Leper Caves we may encounter in Life to help those who dwell within those dark and Dis-eased Spaces out into the Healing and Opportunity bearing Freedoms of the Sun‘s(Son‘s)Light to do the same. We are to join Minds, Hearts and Souls to Create and Do Good Works for OurSelves and Our fellow Brothers and Sisters !
A Ripple Effect built upon the Golden Rule: Do unto Others as You would have Them Do unto You ! Benevolent Equal treatment for One and All ! Benevolent Equality for One and All !
These are the concepts embedded deep within the Heart and Soul of the inner workings of Our American Constitution.
The Trumpian Regime and the unfortunately, the sad Republicans, are deliberately working hard, and trying every confusion laden and smoke-and-mirrors trick in the book to undermine our Vote in order to make our Voices useless, null and void. To diminish us Personally and Communally. To further Control us for their own money-making usages and machinations. Don’t fall into their Clap-Trap !
Throughout history, Societies who Allow (for whatever Intentions good or bad) Powerful UnConscionable Folks to Become overly Powerful and even more Unconscionable, and the Poor and Sick to wallow in Poverty and Pain or wander the streets in disillusionment, misery and despair are short-lived.
The overly Powerful will always Greedily want too much and eventually overreach out of Hubris, and Destroy things in order to create something New and Better for ThemSelves and their Buddies and Allies, which is actually a very old and repetitive Strategy which normally leads to the EnSlaving of The Many, and stimulates the Poor, Downtrodden and Sick to eventually Rebel, Revolt, and Destroy the Society they live within in order to create something New and Better for ThemSelves, which out of the Chaos could be Collectively and Governmentally anything (more Freeing and/or more Enslaving) , which is also another very Old Negative Ripple Effect that is just as Cyclical, until Humanity gets a few kinks, winks and nods worked out.
And, because of Poor Choices Allowed by All (for whatever Reasons or UnReasonings) We the People now All live within the Crucible of our own Making. A Boiling point Crucible of Societal Transition.
The Dis-ease of the Corona Virus, the Global Pandemic Covid-19,
has only accelerated and magnified the already existing Dis-eases of our Society’s Systems and overall National Psychology and Mindsets, because it has thrown the brakes on what We All used to consider our Normal Lives. We have more time to Think. Some have more time to Worry… to Stew and Grieve and Blame. To Roil and Boil and Coil looking for targets to Strike out at, thinking that it will make OurSelves feel Better. But coming out of a Boiling Stew to Strike at any preconceived perceived Target rarely works out well for AnyBody. Better to BeCome a Problem Solver and Transformer in the midst of what is, rather than to lame, maim, kill and Destroy the entire Order of what holds The Many up and afloat (because The Few can afford to escape the Nightmare-scapes they create. The Many rarely find such comfort).
Thus far, America has done a fairly good job of Balancing Her lofty Ideals up above the fray existing between and within the full spectrum of these two weighty Entities within Her Society. She is the Liberty Belle of the Ball of a Democratic Republic’s Life ! She Sings out for Freedom and Justice for All ! Equal Opportunities for One and All !
However, the Trumpian Regime is a bought-and-sold Product filled with overly Powerful and UnCoscionable Global Oligarchic tendencies and wheeling-and-dealing schemes. It is a very spoiled, petulant and mis-guided Rich PlayBoy’s Playground. It is the Fox in the Hen House that is fully plotting and scheming Consciously and Unconsciously (because Fox have their PrecConceived Conceptions and Mis-Conceptions, to try and make what’s UnConscionable more Conscionable, too) to pick every one of what they consider to Be Chicken-Prey clean down to the Bones !
So, which would you rather be ? A content and clucking Transformationally Cosmic Egg Laying Hen or the headless Rooster held over for a Sunday brunch-and-munch ?


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