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Modernist Rush Modernist Rush
by Nikos Laios
2020-08-11 06:02:49
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The early Sunday morning
Skies are sombre and grey,
And a strong wind blows over
The ocean and flecks
Of white foam dance
On a brooding sea.

moderni001_400I listen to hardcore
Trance music whilst reading
The poetry of Max Jacob
And traveling on a train
Up the coast on a cliff’s
Edge over the ocean,
Through tunnels and forests
And green valleys;
What a thrill!

Like adrenaline,
A modernist rush
Of Max Jacob, Picasso,
Chagall, Braque, Matisse,
Modigliani, Cocteau, Eliot,
Joyce and Apollinaire
All course though
My veins and
Floods my brain
While the whirring
Kaleidoscope of
Green, yellow, brown,
Orange and blue colours
Splash through the train
Window onto my face
And a pile of poetry books
Scattered next to me
On an empty seat.

The train rushes
Headlong up
The coast
Through sleepy
Suburban streets
Past Sunday morning
Bakeries and newspaper
Stands and coffee shops,
And the trance music beats
In my head like a metronome,
And the poetry of Max Jacob
Floods my body like ether,
And I feel so crazy, vital
And alive right now!


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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