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Mitsotakis corruption reaches for the pensioners' pockets Mitsotakis corruption reaches for the pensioners' pockets
by Thanos Kalamidas
2020-08-08 08:39:06
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A few days before the December 2019, UK elections papers leaked in the press and the parliament with long references to negotiations between the British government and Trump’s administration for the sale of the National Health Service, better known as NHS, Boris Johnson felt that he was losing his chances for a triumph. Privatizing NHS is a huge no-no for every single British citizen, conservative, labour or liberal, left or right. And this is not-negotiable. A good reason for a politician to say goodbye to any public dreams.

povgre001_400While Johnson denied any negotiation nobody really knows what happed, if there was any negotiation and how far it had gone or if it was just a wishful thought from Trump's side. The only thing everybody knew was that Trump’s administration and US insurance companies had shown great interest and they were willing to talk about it as part of a favourable trade negotiation after Brexit.  The point is that except USA everywhere in the world the health system and pensions are under the universal health care rules and even USA has done its first steps towards this way with the Obama care. And while Trump with the republican majority in the Congress has done everything possible to demolish it it seems that it will always return to become now one of the main issues in their electoral battle with the Democratic Party which has been championing the issue.

Especially in EU, regardless the right, centrist, left, socialist or liberal spirit of the governments’ universal health care is something not negotiable and part of the EU identity to the point that Trump felt comfortable to suggest to buy NHS only after Brexit became sure.

This was a very long introduction to share the feeling that especially Europeans take their state protected health and pension care for credit and no-no-no negotiable. And while all these no-no and no-negotiable are true, bitter reality comes to remind for one more time that you should never say never and when it comes to personal profit and corrupt politicians never has a very …elastic attitude.

Sadly Greece is ruled by a corrupted group of politicians with very …rich past. The Prime Minister. Kyriakos “Koulis” Mitsotakis has a past of serious bribery accusations from Siemens while active minsters, former ministers and a former prime minister, even the vice-president of the governing party have been included in FBI’s investigation for bribery from the pharmaceutical company, Novartis. And this is just the beginning.

For the last few months, every single week brings to Greece a new scandal of nepotism, of using state money to help friendly/family organizations, companies and media. They have already seriously damage the national health system boycotting its funding and leading parts of it to “friendly” privateers and they have a lethal damage to public education by establishing a favourable situation to the private schools and universities better known for their price lists on their diplomas.

Now, pensions have their turn for this corrupted gang that rules Greece. In a complicated system with escalating “pillars”, Kyriakos “Koulis” Mitsotakis always in the service of the insurance lobby (suspiciously American) leads the Greek pensions to private money-sharks.

Greece is a country that reached the edge of totally collapse and bankruptcy just a decade before as a result of systematic state corruption. Today the very same people – literally the same – who brought all this misery, are ruling Greece in exactly the same way as they did before destroying one institution after the other and with their far-right xenophobia, prejudices and authoritarianism hurting democracy in the country that gave birth to democracy. How ironic. And these people must go before they lead the country, ten years after to a near collapse, to a total collapse.

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