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You are Full of Oligarchy Malarkey! You are Full of Oligarchy Malarkey!
by Leah Sellers
2020-08-05 10:00:28
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In an all too familiar Nightmare-scape in a Dimension of Time and Place also all too familiarly similar……….
“And you are full of Malarkey !” shouted the petulant, Fascistulant Trumpeting Trumpter Trumpty.
“Excuse me ?!” said the surprised, but not really all that surprised Majority Leader Bellalosi.
tr001_400“You heard me. Just try and get everybody to avoid the Herd Culling Corona Virus ! Just try and get anybody to stay Home from Work or keep their kids Safe at Home from this Runaway Covid Train of Infection and My Mis-Direction ! Just try ! I’ll cut off all of the Unemployment payments ! I’ll cut off Public School funds ! I’ll sue the Schools and the School systems ! Because I am the Fascistulant Trumpeting Trumpeter Trumpty !”
“You just go right ahead and advise everybody to Vote by Mail in order to avoid exposure to this hopefully Democratically culling Dis-ease ! I don’t care if I, or most of the Oligarchs I run around with always Vote by Mail. It’s Absentee Voting, because we can’t be there, because we’re golfing on my golf course in Scotland or yachting off around the World somewhere !”
“The American Peons…..excuse me, I meant to say Peasants….excuse me, I mean Servants…oh, forget it ! Where are Steven’s notes ? Here they are. I meant to say the American People don’t have any good excuse not to stand in line, socially distanced (or not), masked (or not), with disinfectant wipes (or not). What they do is up to them, because we live in a Free Country. And if some Gohmert decides that he doesn’t want to wear a mask, and spread his germs around the room with everyone else, because of the First Amendment, instead of his Responsibility as a Human Being to Other Human Beings, then that’s just the way it is. It’s his Gohmert Right to do just that ! Just go ask the Covid infected Senator Gohmert !”
“If you try and mess with the In Person Voting, that will help me win, because everyone will too afraid to leave their homes, all but my MAGA Lemmings, that is, and furthering the dastardly Covid Contagion Spread, then I’ll sue every Town, the City, the State that does so ! Ho- Ho !” The Fascistulant Trumpeting Trumpeter Trumpty Trumpeted and Brayed.
“I will Lose with Mail In Voting ! Why do think I’m working so hard to devalue it ?! To Debunk it ?! I don’t want anyone having Faith in our Voting System at all, because I, and my Oligarch partners, henchmen and lemmings have already started the whole mechanisms in place to Stay in Power !”
“Excuse me ?” Bellalosi asked again alluringly.
“That’s right ! It’s an Oligarchic Coup that’s been a long time in the making, and I, and my Family are American Oligarchic Royalty. It’s time that all Americans bow down to that Reality Show.”
“And Pootin, and his Oligarchic Gangland Gang are excited about it, too ! All of the knuckle dragging Intellectuals like me, and the not-so-Smart Bannonites, and White Guys inside of White Sheets that like to Burn Crosses, and declare themselves to be the Supreme Bosses over any carcass that‘s Off-White, all of those Good People are righter than rain about all of this !”
“Chaos must reign Supreme is my Meme !” The red faced and spittle-mouthed Fascistulant Trumpeting Trumpeter Trumpty exclaimed.
“I’ve fired a lot of Neutral Government Goody-Two-Shoes and placed my Minions, our Flunkies into key positions all up and down the Game Board. Everything you try and do to block us and save your puny, weakened Democracy by Me, and my enabling Republicans, cronies and cohorts, I might add, has already been checked and mated !”
“The only thing that can stop us in our tracks is if the American People can actually Vote me out ! If the American People Unite against Me ! Against Us ! And that will never happen, because I am a Master at spreading and selling Malarkey from the very Sources of the Malarkey, itself ! I am the very Stable Genius of rockin’-and-rollin’ Instability, of Delusional Confusion, of Blindsiding and Sidelining Deniablity and Irresponsibility !”
“That’s why, aside from their own selfish personal ambitions in the future, the Betraying and Evangelically Praying Republicans are enabling me. It’s why they are allowing millions of American Peasants, Peons and Servants to be Evicted from their Apartments and Homes right now as I speak. Because when they hit the hot, steamy, Covid laden streets there will be Dis-easing Death and Chaos ! And Chaos is the Game I love to Play above all the rest ! Oligarchic empires are built out of Chaos !”
“Excuse me, but so are Great Ideas and Democracies, and those Brave and Persistent Souls seeking Justice and Equality for One and All. And you, sir, are the Antithesis of the aforementioned. In fact, you, sir are nothing more than a Bucket Full of Oligarchy Malarkey,” Bellalosi pointedly interrupted as she approached the door to leave the room.
“It’s time for me to get my Mail In Voting Form and Postage from the Publicly owned United States Post Office, before you and your cronies and cohorts Privatizingly steal it out from under every American’s Feet. It is time for the this Majority Leader to let her Voting Voice and Democratic Choice to be Heard while trying to avoid becoming a victim of your Chattel-house Culling Covidlandia Herd,” Bellalosi said as she definitively closed the door.


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