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Anti-Semitic stereotypes Anti-Semitic stereotypes
by Joseph Gatt
2020-08-07 08:31:12
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There are mainly three anti-Semitic “schools” in the world. The Islamic school, the Nationalist school and the Communist school. Note that many Muslims are indifferent to the Jews (and there are a few philo-Semites among Muslims). Also note that many Nationalists and Communists have no problems with the Jews. And note that some people are not Muslims, don't define themselves as Nationalists or Communists, but are anti-Semitic, and I'll discuss those as well.

The Islamic school

isr00000001_400-Believes that Jews are “secretive.” Main reason for that is that Jews often refuse to discuss religion with Muslims. Many Muslims are “mission-minded” and believe in converting non-Muslims, and tend to be put off by the rather cold reception their preaching gets from the Jews. 

-Further notes on the “secretiveness of Jews.” Most Muslims will try to convert Christians by discussing the Bible and the “mistakes” found in the Bible and in Christianity. But Jews often refuse to “give a presentation” of their beliefs to Muslims so Muslims can criticize those beliefs and contradict them.

-Jews have “no shame.” Muslims tend to be tribal and believe their actions represent the tribe as a whole, not just the individual. So for example, enjoying yourself and having fun in public is considered a “sin” in Islam. So when Jews drink in public, openly discuss sex, laugh loudly in public, and are not discreet and “humble” that tends to be perceived as “lack of modesty” and “lack of shame” by Muslims.

-Jews are “matrilineal.” In Islam, men assume leadership roles everywhere and are discouraged from caving in or giving into women. In Judaism, men and women are more or less equals, and women have vast powers when it comes to running the household, taking budget decisions, educating children, and many other “power” aspects in the dynamics of a couple. Muslims tend to mock the fact that women have that much power in Judaism.

-Jews don't have a sense of “kin priority.” That is in Islam, if opportunity comes knocking, Muslims will usually take the money and run. Maybe they will inform their siblings and tell their siblings to keep and closely guard the secret. The fact that Jews trade publicly, make offers public, and discuss business publicly tends to irritate Muslims.

-”Jews only hire other Jews.” Muslims tend to resent the fact that Jews tend to work with other Jews and believe that Jews would not hire a non-Jew. Last time I checked, most Israeli universities have faculties from all walks of life (I noticed a lot of Indian professors). And Jewish-owned companies hire all sorts of people of course.

-”Jews engage in insider trading and share trade secrets among themselves.” Now this frustrates me when some Muslims tell me this. On the one hand, I try to share information with Arabs, vital information at that, and they either switch their focus to the TV, or ask me to play music, or pick up a phone call and never come back. Then they complain to me that I'm not informing them. Not to mention all the times I was lecturing Arabs and they go like “fuck that, let's go to the bar and pick up some bitches.”

-”Jews are violent with Muslims, so Muslims have to fight back.” There's an urban myth that Jews beat up Arabs for no reason, just because they are Arabs. Interesting fact: there was this British journalist who took his camera to an Ultra-Orthodox district in Israel on the Sabbath, who was filming the communities. Filming on the Sabbath is strictly prohibited in Orthodox Judaism. Some kid saw the journalist filming and started yelling profanities at the journalist, and the clueless journalist had no idea he was getting scolded because he was violating the Sabbath in the wrong territory. For many who saw the video on YouTube, this was proof that the Jews are rude and violent with non-Jews.

-”Jews count every penny.” I must say a lot of Muslims are horrible at budgeting. And whenever I budget with Muslim friends or colleagues my blood starts boiling because they tend to be really shabby and unrealistic with their budgeting. In business, there's something called inventory, and in business, to thrive, you are encouraged to count every penny. But a lot of Muslims tend to prefer “ambiguous” budgeting and to leave a lot of gray zones in the budget (which is why we tend to overspend by miles when I budget with Muslims).

-”Jews give other Jews preferential treatment in the media, big business, finance, and for prizes like the Oscars, the Nobel prize and other prizes.” This stereotype is sad for two reasons: first, Jews who work in big business usually had to work hard for their success, sometimes even harder than non-Jews. Second, a lot of non-Jews work in the media and big business, and get all kinds of prizes, yet Muslims often only seem to notice the Jews or the guys with Jewish names.

-”Jews change their names so they can fool other people into thinking that they are not Jewish.” What about all the Muslim celebrities who refuse to use their family name and go by a first-name stage name or change their last name (to avoid shaming their family for example) and all those Muslims who go by strange aliases on social media?

-”Jews behave differently around Jews than they behave around non-Jews.” Let me reassure you there's no double standard.

-”Jews allow the criticism of Islam but do not tolerate the criticism of Judaism.” Now let's be honest, this is kind of true. Actually Jews tend not to criticize Islam, but Islamic terrorism. It's the terrorist groups that the Jews hate, not the Muslims. But some Jews can get carried away and criticize Islam as a group, and I think they shouldn't do that. But Jews don't like being criticized, that's true, but no one likes to be criticized. The difference tends to be that Muslims tend to be indifferent to criticism, when the Jews tend to petition and organize against criticism.

Nationalist anti-Semitic stereotypes

-Jews often have dual or triple citizenship. Most Jews in fact do not have dual citizenship, be it in France, the UK, the US or elsewhere. Just because some Jews are members of Israeli support groups, doesn't mean they have Israeli citizenship.

-Jews have a dual allegiance to Israel and their host nation (France, the UK, Belgium, Canada etc.). Truth is, most diaspora Jews have no idea what goes on in Israel. Nor do they really want to know what goes on in Israel.

-Jews only do business with other Jews. OK, so with that kind of logic, myself being Jewish, let's say that if I did business, I would have to work exclusively with non-Jews. If I own a grocery store, all my distributors and staff should be non-Jews. If I write a book, all the editors and publishers and staff I work with should be non-Jews. Come on!

-Jews don't have the interests of the nation in mind. They are secretly working to make Israel a superpower that dominates the rest of the world. That's does not honor all those Jews who served in local armies, built local companies, brought in ideas that helped their host countries in science, in the arts, in other areas.

-There should be no Jews in the public sphere and in public service (I've heard this one quite a few times). Why? They say because Jews in public service work for the Jewish cause, not for the national cause. That's kind of sad, because a lot of Jews do try to work hard for the national cause, but would help and Jew or two in need, but would also help an Arab or two in need.

-Two quotes that were all the rage in France. Dominique Strauss-Kahn was caught saying on the Jewish radio “every day I wake up the first thing I think about is how to help Israel.” Now let's be comical for a second, I thought DSK's first thought every morning was how to get rid of the woman he just slept with. Another one was from Manuel Valls, a non-Jewish Minister of the Interior at the time, whose wife at that time was also not Jewish but had Jewish ancestors. Valls told the Jewish radio “I have no lessons to receive on how to defend Israel, because my grandfather-in-law wrote a book about the Holocaust.” Valls at the time was really trying to avoid any debate about Israel (if you watch the full-length interview, they mostly discussed “normal French topics” and when Israel was brought up he made the remark hoping that would incite to change the topic.

Communist anti-Semitic stereotypes

-Jews are capitalists. Jews believe in making money, and lots of it. I feel bad for all the Jews who live paycheck to paycheck. I feel bad for all the Jews who have trouble putting food on their plates (like myself).

-Jews don't believe in Communism because they want Israel to own all the money in the world. Let me reassure you, Israel ranks on par with Spain and South Korea in terms of GDP per capita, and is nowhere near US, Canada, France or Japan levels. Israel is not even in the G20.

-Jews believe they are a superior race (nationalists also use this one a lot). Here's the trick. Nationalists tend to believe that Jews, Muslims and other minorities are an inferior race. Communists tend to reject the notion or religion and ethnicity and want one single common race and class. Jews believe in diverse ethnicities and religions, but in equality among ethnicities and religions.

-Note that a lot of ethnic groups and religious groups reject this notion of equality among ethnicities and religions. Muslims for example tend to reject equality between Islam and other religions. Indians tend to refuse their children to get married with non-Indians because non-Indians are not equals (there are many exceptions to these rules).

Other anti-Semitic stereotypes

There's something I call “professional anti-Semitism” and “academic anti-Semitism.” That is, in some professions (especially the arts, but also finance, business, journalism, and a few other professions) there are internal forms of anti-Semitism where Jews will get hired to get humiliated or some companies won't hire Jews. In some professional circles the “you have to be Jewish to succeed” discourse is prevalent.

In academia and science, you will find anti-Semitism in some places. Some academic circles have in-built anti-Semitism, and will refuse to collaborate with Jewish thinkers or intellectuals. Some academic circles even ban any work, book or mention of any Jewish intellectual.

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