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Ticklish Chance Ticklish Chance
by John Pederson
Issue 6
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Bouncing down the stairs she hit her head
I thought it was funny but nothing was said

My friend and I thought that she was fine
I felt in my heart that she would be mine

But I played it cool, focused on the race
While my heart sped ahead, at a frantic lover’s pace

Then came the day of our first kiss
The most natural union, the definition of bliss

Love took off, passions unfurled
A true friend who could rock my world

We laughed a lot, her and I
God I wish that I was still her guy

I think of her big brown eyes and beautiful body
God, I wish I was there to get a bit naughty

This limerick may be funny, but my love is no joke
Cause this girl made me feel like the world’s luckiest bloke!

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