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by David Sparenberg
2020-08-02 09:33:15
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with thanks to Quene in Spain

There are some who love the Earth still (too few) and the vast array of natural wonders, who delight to awaken to the music of birds and violins. That is core-poetry.

bir001_400Those who crave the solitude of woodland places and who sit meditative on familiar shores, surrendering their ego-apparitions to rhythmic waters.

I do not know how many of us there are (the seeking is a quest and so long as there is passion, there is breath of life, the quest continues).  Or

if there are enough of us to turn the heavy wheel of time, to reconnect the brokenness of the human world, to revive and resurrect what is buried, to retrieve the good that has been thrown away. 

A faith beyond the faith of history is required for this work of evolutionary tuning, puzzling depths, small wings, birds, and dragon-stars!  I

do know that I love my friends, that I too am at peace with innocent flowers, and am bound, heart and soul, to kindred travelers, those who move lightly now and with attentive senses.

I live in the assurance there is truth between us, and this truthful trust is freedom of the unique, and is power and beauty and the truth of love.  Maybe

when all are worn out by the baggage and burdens that weigh us down, all will learn what is ignored, all embrace what is resisted?  Shut out mouths, open our eyes, and retain in purity the three surviving words of blessing: “Thank you. Amen.”


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