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The iceberg Trumpism peaks The iceberg Trumpism peaks
by Thanos Kalamidas
2020-08-01 08:00:56
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The real effects of Trumpism have little to do with his questionable relationship with Russia, the Ukraine scandal or him and his family unethically financially profiting from his position, however all these are part of US domestic politics. What really matters to the rest of us is the fact that Donald Trump’s US administration laid the blueprints for governments all around the world to establish far-right policies that will influence all of us for years.

The last four years, the Trump administration has gradually and methodically turned the US judicature into a conservative to far-right club with a lot of its ‘members’ followed by reputations of racism, xenophobia, homophobia, anti-liberalism and prejudice. The results of this change into even small judgments is obvious and people in US courts have already seen them with the Supreme Court leading in controversial and divided decisions even on rulings cleared for years.

In local courts and state supreme courts there is also an evident sight of a political agenda where decisions serve Republicans plans for voters suppression, especially black and Latinos.

Abortion is another serious issue with global resonance that this conservative wave of courts manipulates nowadays in USA. There are places in today’s USA where losing a child even from natural causes is a reason for a criminal investigation and there are already women serving prison terms for losing a child. That’s while the legality of the abortion was supposed to be a globally solved issue since the beginning of the 21st century.

On the 23rd of June and within the fourth package of “pandemic-related measures”, the Polish President amended the Criminal Penal Code to put pressure on judges to enforce the most severe punishment in Poland’s abortion law. These provisions include prison sentences of up to 8 years for those that perform abortions outside the limits of Poland’s already highly restrictive law aiming the end of abortions in violation of the EU laws; Poland is a full member state.

trup001_400And it gets worst. Poland plans to withdraw from the international treaty on combating violence against women. I don’t know what else to add here but the fact is that Poland would have never even thought to do that if …Trump wasn’t there with his acts, his grubbing and his twits to influence acts like that.

In Hungary Viktor Orbán is in constant attack on freedom and democratic liberties. Hungary has no freedom of press and the opposition the only freedom enjoys is the one of their prison cell. In Greece, Kyriakos (Koulis) Mitsotakis following to the letter Trump’s blueprint changes judicature pushing his far-right agenda, attacking democratic liberties and establishing a violent police state. In the meantime what’s the difference between what China is doing in Hong Kong with what Trump is doing in Portland? Why Erdogan shouldn’t see Syria and Libya as a …living space to drain them from all their resources just like the Nazi “lebensraum” in Eastern Europe? Trump sees the same way the rest of the world while he makes sure that his family profits.

Donald Trump must go, that’s not a wishing thought, that’s a necessity so we might still have time to repair what he has done; and I’m not talking about USA. The damage he has done to the rest of the world with the iceberg of Trumpism he peaks.

But …what will happen if he will be re-elected? Or if he will stage with some kind of coup his remain; what will happen if he loses but refuge to go? Oddly, this US elections mark something we always believed but never proven, the huge influence of American politics in global life.


P.S. A few hours after finishing with this article, president Donald suggested that November's presidential election should be delayed over alleged fraud concerns. Of course it was rejected immediately mainly because he has no authority to postpone elections; this is for the congress to do. However this is also a sign for what’s coming and there possibilities to postpone elections or lengthen his staying in the White House with war or emergency due to a terrorist attack only two coming in mind this moment. This is going to be really scary ~100 days till/after US elections for all of us.

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