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Siberia is Burning !! Siberia is Burning !!
by Leah Sellers
2020-07-21 08:14:51
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Snap, Crackle, Pop ! Siberia is Burning !!
Frozen tundra is bubbling and churning beneath melting snows and the drip, drip of Artic Glaciers, while the ever siphoning Ticks of Humanity suck Mother Earth Bone dry !
Yes, the beautiful, once wintry-scapes of Siberia are Burning ! While the ever melting Icebergs of the Artic Climes release ancient Dis-eases, and Future Pandemics into Mother Earth’s salty seas, cohabitated by wondrous Sea Creatures the Ticks of Humanity pull from culling nets, from diesel run Ships leaking ever more diesel and oil slicks into evermore Nightmare Scenarios of the Human Ticks Creation.
sibe001_400And what drives these Ticks of Humanity to destroy their beauteous Planetary Home spinning within the Cosmological Heavens toward their certain Climate Changing and ReArranging Deranging future Hellacious Pre-dicument ?
Greed ! Hubris ! Denial ! Normalizing the slow Boiling of Frogs who Ribbit at one another that the Sky is Not falling or roiling and boiling as they all Fall and Roil and Boil together into ribbiting Oblivion. Planet Killers, Planetary Annihilators One and All !
Yes, Siberia is Burning as a Present Pandemic, the Corona Virus, the Covid 19 decimates Mother Earth’s Ticks of Humanity around Her wondrous Globe !
Slowly Boiling Frogs ?! Really ?!
“How insulting !”, the Ticks of Humanity exclaim as they also scream and holler, “Don’t wear Masks ! We are Free Ticks with Free Wills ! Don’t Tell us Freewheelin’ Ticks what to do ! Who cares if the Deadly virus is Airborne ?! Who cares if by Social Distancing, and wearing a Mask, and not congregating in Large droplet laden Crowds, and constantly washing our Tickish, germ ridden Hands, that We, freewheelin’ Ticks that We are can save our Family Members, our Acquaintances and Friends, even total Strangers that We come into contact with Lives ? Perhaps our own Lives ? Who cares ? My Politics…..my Ignorance of Science and well established Information….my Personal druthers are We Ticks Guide !”
It’s Tickishly, and Boiling Frogishly Politically, De-Regulatingly, Conflagratingly, Religiously, Philosophically and Economically Wise to poo-poo the Truths surrounding this Worldwide Pandemic and Climate Change as malicious, Coo-Coo for Cocoa Puffs, gossip and Lies !!
Yes, the Beauteous Siberia is Burning laying very, blatantly bare the melting, sicky, icky icing surrounding All of our Tickishly, Boiling Frogishly sugar coated, Wrong-headed and Denial laden Planetary Sucks, Ribbits, and Lies !


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