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by David Sparenberg
2020-07-19 08:22:02
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Lah! Trump, with aid of the coronavirus pandemic and hardcore ignorance, has successfully built a wall! It is not the wall he campaigned on, stirring up xenophobia and racial hatred. But he has a wall surrounding these United States, prisoning us in isolation from the rest of the world and humanity. Here we wait, victims of ourselves, for the next impending crisis.

trucoro001_400America, Shining City on a Hill, with the American Dream, befouled, in ruins, and the American Nightmare enduring, extended, obsessive, bloody. US, with the largest global number of covid-19 cases, topping 3.5 million. US, with the largest global number of covid-19 deaths, topping 138,000. With more than 70,000 Americans fatally overdosed on prescription opioids in this 7-month year alone, 2020. Day by day, rising and spiking, the American return to the normal of gas and guns is underway.

Vice President of Propaganda calls this the Great American Comeback, beckoning to collectively return to work, return to worship. See how structurally interwoven the two phrases are!

Our culture is violence, our religion hypocrisy. Bored and raging against ourselves and recently glutted, we have worked in the generations of empire and obscenity on making beautiful, on making perfect, normalizing a fascism of wealth, stupidity, and power. All that is asked is that too much not exposed too quickly, to disrupt the manufacturing of illusions, to stress the masses, and that nobody of morbid obesity flaunt the reality of toxic, political nudity.

Ours is a cannibal society where every skin tone is an enemy to be devoured. We return, after forced introspection, to the continental road, fast wheels, and murdering one another (gun shootings spiking too) behind locked or broken doors domestic, on corners and drive by streets and in shopping malls. See how perfect the cannibalization is behind the barriers of discrimination, how Epicurean within the walls of isolation!

We are spectacle. Users, abusers, over-consumers. We are watched by the whole of the world. We are distrusted by the rest of humanity. Lah! Trump has built a wall.


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