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by David Sparenberg
2020-07-18 08:59:39
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based on a traditional Cherokee love charm

In Alahiyi you make your home, mysterious woman.
Now you have come near to hear me
In Alahiyi is your home, light woman.
No one is ever lonely
when with you.
O you are beautiful!
Instantly you have made me a light man.
No one is ever lonely
when with me.
I will not be downcast,
I will never be a blueman.
You have brought down to me
the road of light.
In mid-earth you have placed me.
I stand tall on mother earth.
No one is ever lonely
when with me.
I am handsome for you.
You have put me into the house of light.
I will be there through life’ journey.
No one will ever
be lonely when with me.
You have caused this
magic to happen.

in Alahiyi
you are listening.

I am of the Wolf Clan
the one destined for you.
No one is ever lonely
when with me.
Let her put her soul
in the center of my soul,
never to turn away.

I belong to the clan fated for you
when the seven clans were made.
I am fated to be a light man,
my face toward the Sun Land.
No one is ever lonely
when with me.
I cannot become downcast.
Covered with the eternal
house of light
no one is ever lonely
when with me.

Your soul has come to the center
of my soul.
I embrace your soul.
Your childhood was in



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