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by Linda Lane
2007-07-02 07:37:43
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Paparella2007-07-01 19:16:30
Let us imagine the semiotics of the above drawing: there was a man who would be king of England, Arthur by name, to whom Marlin taught how to read. Marlin told him to look for Excalibur but he found Excalaber in a rock. So he ignored the sword and asked Marlin to teach him how to write so that he could substitute the goose-quill for the sword and eventually declare in writing and by edict that the principle behind Camelot and the knights of the round table was not “might makes right” but “might for right.” At that point he found the real Excalibur; it was not a sword but a goose-quill inserted in an ink-well; like the sword could be used for good or for evil; the intention make all the difference in whether one could extract it. That decunstruction make him wise, admired by Genevieve and many fair ladies and Lancelot and many brave knights; and all the people proclaimed him king of England. Eight hundred years later Napoleon, the man who would be Emperor of France, crowned himself such; he thought that the bigger cannon wins the battle and might makes right. So he wrote the Napoleonic code for all the people. Marlin, the wise wizard, had it on target: progress is not inevitable and deterministic; there is such thing as regression too, even when people know how to read and write and win at chess all the times and have the last word, especially then.

Paparella2007-07-01 20:32:18
By the way, the name of the wizard was not Marlin but Merlin. We all make typos and often don't realize it.

LL2007-07-02 21:57:57

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