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The Last Days of Trump The Last Days of Trump
by Bohdan Yuri
2020-07-01 08:28:05
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In an earlier article (2016) I'd made some predictions:
1. By the end of the first year the GOP will ask Trump to resign. He refuses.
2. By the end of the second year, Trump will resign.
3. In the third year, under Pence, civil unrest will escalate....neighbors against neighbors.
4. In the fourth year, a nation-wide civil unrest will turn into a 'modern-type' coup....a government reset

And that's just a mild version of the domestic side...” (1)

And then this was added in 2018:

“And this is my greatest fear and should be acknowledged as our potential future.

trumy0001_400We have become so preoccupied with trying to save the Truth from abuse that we are forgetting what awaits us when the full Truth is revealed. So as a warning:

I still believe that this will happen and my greatest fear is that the Pence presidency may experience a similar civil upheaval that the late '60's did, especially leading up to the conventions. That disorder will happen and when it does then Moscow's mission will have been accomplished because at that time during the Pence presidency all the pent up angers will explode into an all out conflict.

If you remember, back in the late sixties there were fewer guns and fewer explosives readily available to citizens. I shudder to think of the future's violence and potential for the total destruction of United States Democracy in the coming years.”

Yes I was wrong about Trump leaving office in year three. But for the power-lusting Republicans it should have happened….Yet, despite his staying power, I still believe he will not finish out his term. A lot can happen in just a few months as we have learned.

Aside from another Trump victory, I know one of the greatest concerns now is that if he does lose the election will he leave. Will the Republican “Guard” find ways to keep him in office?

No they won’t. The only thing stopping that from happening would be a full scale civil/cultural war. And we’re already feeling the skirmishes of such actions nowadays. No one will want to repeat this kind of response ….but then again, under Putin, there are always the Russians to instigate further discord. And the MAGA Army of Trumspters will follow suit.

Putin not only sold us faulty ventilators but he also supplied this country with enough henchmen to be available for Putin’s beck and call. They’re on Discord Alert! Ukraine is the proof of his methods.

No, the greater danger lies in what will be done prior to Trump being removed from the White House. Stop wasting time with this notion of “will he leave”.

The answer’s Yes! There are more important matters to be addressed now. He will be removed if he loses. This country would not stand for such a total takeover. Some may doubt this, I know

Yes, Trump has been running a parallel “Trump Deep State” from day one, (He must have read my modern style coup article lol.) Remember, he always accuses others of what he’s guilty. But that TDS has limitations of power.

In Truth there are too many people who are still decent and courageous enough to allow that to happen. Too many have pledged their allegiance to this country and not to one man or one cause. Theirs is the National cause of Freedom protected by Truth and Justice, It is the core of who we are and that core will always override the generational rise of dictators and their likes.

Right now Trump is reacting out of “arms crossed” fear. He’s already tasted the diluted version of power after the mid terms, not greasy enough for his liking.

However, when he does finally leave it’s not only important what is left after Trump’s departure  but also what is not there anymore such as vital documents that will be erased or altered. So now is when the TDS comes into play.

And what of his slew of nefarious appointees? Can they all be trusted or will some even sell state or military secrets to our adversaries. Trump’s all about the money, they too? Not to mention any last tidbits of regulatory issues and profit motions to still farm for post Presidency.

Look around. They filled the Supreme Court and the Justice Department with their loyalists and every other Department is controlled by Trumpsters. And with the new Intelligence head, we’re already seeing the politics of declassifying for cover. What else is going on that we don’t know about until “fake news” uncovers the Truth?

It’s true, all the foreign connections with Trump and his Enterprises haven’t been proven but they are there at a level hidden from us all. And will we ever find out what Putin and Trump discuss, how many secrets did Trump reveal? --- As his transcripts are moved into dark corners.

Yes, those last days of Security, of Power, of Concern --- It will be all about DONALD TRUMP….It’ll not be, barricade the fortress but instead, destroy or change the evidence. CYA’s all around.

And let’s not kid ourselves. Our Democracy is broken; it will never be the same after Trump. He made sure to bring out the worst in all of us and in our literal wake he doesn’t know how to heal….he only knows how to steal.

Civil War/Cultural War --- What's the Difference!

The darkest days are still ahead.


(1)   https://www.opednews.com/articles/Donald-Trump--Russia-s-Lo-by-Bohdan-Yuri-Donald-Trump_People-Putin-Vladimir_President-Donald-Trump_President-Trump-161231-538.html,

(2)   https://www.ovimagazine.com/art/14105

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