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Happiness or something like it Happiness or something like it
by Abigail George
2021-09-19 09:28:47
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Pain. There was pain in remembering the past, but also surrender, also in the sweetness of the letting go. Take the pain away. Replace it with a loving mother and father. She is looking into his eyes, he is holding her hand. They are in love. My heart is sore. But she couldn't give up, she told herself. She had to live. She had to love. She had to hope, and progress in life. Move forward. Become a forward-thinker.

hapn001_400She had to prove them all wrong. The ones who thought and said that she would never amount to anything in life. Never amount to her dreams, and all her life would be would be drama. She had to have hope. The man's reasons for returning to her were unknown to her and she knew they always would be.

You smiled back at me, and all the planets in the universe aligned themselves with my holistic vision. The smell of you lingered on my skin. Do you regret, anything, love. Her ankles felt like velvet in that dress. She felt a summertime sadness in her heart as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. She is beautiful and a wonder in his arms. The starlight is in his eyes. In his brown eyes. The world separated them before but in her dreams at night she is the love of his life again, she is in his arms. They have a song. That's their song on the radio. And in the daylight everything is filled with splendour. Night falls, and every moment spent with the restless boy who turned into an exquisite and gorgeous and complex man turns her into an exquisite being, a gorgeous creature and a complex personality.

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