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by David Sparenberg
2021-05-22 08:50:49
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Man walks along an unpaved road. His feet make rhythm—the rhythm of a human walking (a two legged, as sages say). His feet form patterns on the wending road—changes to micro-climates and eco-structures, tiny thunders below the level of human hearing, miniature, momentary, storms of dust, the crunch and shuffle of boulder-pebbles. With every footfall a metamorphic happening.

ma0001_400_01Man looks round about. This day is fair, a soft day, and he silently thanks the day for its gentle kindness. No rain is hammering, wind is not rough, sun does not burn. Man looks round about, turning full circle to take his surroundings in: everywhere, encircling, he sees beauty, calm, beauty and life, filling place with the lushness of grass, in beadwork industry of ant hills, with scurrying of field mice at a glance and digging out of emerging, penny-weight shrews.

An energy of appreciation wells inside of man. He feels it upsurge and grow and swell in his chest, his throat; his hands like burning cauldrons of body-fire, a blush of blood-warmth coloring his cheeks. How can he contain this heat? He cannot! He is human.

Man stops. He begins to sing, singing the world as he finds it, as it, out and about in the encompassing circle of vision, enters and increases at a depth within him. Man on a road sings to Sky above; the solar, celestial mystery; to Earth below; the chthonic solidity; the dark power beneath his feet. He sings to the air he breathes (that has been breathed by myriad lives and forms before and will go on to be breathed again by others); breezing among clustered trees and solitary trees and bushes, berries, buds and leaves; swirling amid passing clouds and feeding birds, and birds in swift flight; to flowers in fields on either side of the unpaved road, Earth-stars growing from moist soil, showing delicate and many hued between stones, and also the man sings to the spirits of things and places. They the listeners, they the overseers—calligraphers of nature with miraculous pens and native brushes and inkwells of seasons.

Spirits are present, even when spirits appear to be absent; spirits are attentive even when staying silent—for they can, and they do feel. Here they absorb into elemental memory of Earth’s archives man’s singing appreciation, man’s adoration, man’s creature-joy that through their generosity has awakened, is arisen spontaneously inside his loving heart, poetized from depths of man’s lyric soul.

Spirits of place are attentive (they are always attentive to participation and respect, to reverence for life, to honoring, or otherwise become alerted by indifference or intentions of hostility and invasiveness). Nothing is hidden in the Open and elementals are communicating masks and costumes of Being. Networks of spirit relationships are vibratory; are resonant. They manifest consciousness to observing consciousness on another level, at yet another frequency.

Those of this life-space, this place, where fulfilment of a man happens spontaneously on an unpaved road: spirits carry man’s singing breath into dreaming realms, into dimensions of natural magic, kindred exchange, and ecstasy. In this democracy of experience is double gifting, binding creation, bringing visible and invisible into a moment’s embrace of eternal unity.

This is dialogue, a dialogue of beauty, beauty and belonging. Belonging is the vulnerability of opening (being open to what is given, to what is, the vital surge of event mutuality) and beauty is nature’s language of love.

Also, for tree, stone, a time, dust of a road, a human being in presence, person, man, woman, there is memory. Shadow of a tree is bestowal, shadow of being human, in this role, is blessing. Bestowal and blessing reach over generations, illuminating gatherings of ancestors and the wombs of progeny.



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