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TrumpSpeak - RoboSpeak: The Greatest Ever in the World, by Far! TrumpSpeak - RoboSpeak: The Greatest Ever in the World, by Far!
by Bohdan Yuri
2020-06-05 06:34:43
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Finally I watched it happen during a press briefing, a display of Strength and Courage by two women reporters.

"Sir, why are you saying that to me specifically?" Weijia Jiang, a White House correspondent for CBS News asked President Trump.

Trump attempted to move on by calling on Kaitlan Collins, a White House correspondent for CNN, but Kaitlin Collins deferred her questioning to allow President Trump to address Jiang’s follow-up question.

"That's not a nasty question," Jiang said. "Why does it matter?"

Trump then looked again to take a question from another reporter.

trpres001_400Collins then approached the microphone. "I have two questions," she said.

"No, it's OK," Trump replied to Collins.

"But you pointed to me," Collins said. "I have two questions, Mr. President. You called on me."

"I did," Trump said. "And you didn't respond, and now I'm calling on the young lady in the back."

"I just wanted to let my colleague finish," Collins explained. "But can I ask you a question?"

Trump then ended the press conference abruptly.

"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much," he said before leaving the Rose Garden.

That revealed President Donald Trump at his most basic, spoiled, childish self, in refusing to answer the question ….Game over; I’m taking my ball and going home.

But what is obvious yet seldom pointed out to the public DURING these press briefings is that the president seldom answers ANY question.

And when he does it’s such a smorgasbord of nonsensical ingredients that by the time his RoboSpeaking baking segment ends we are seasoned, desensitized, and lulled into disinterest for the Truth. From there, eager for relief, we gladly go on to the next question which we hope will produced greater results. And so does he.

Yes, “Next Question!”  That’s his other well placed strategic form of non answer.

True, we have sometimes seen a reporter or two, such as Kaitlin Collins and Weijia Jiang, among the few who have managed to successfully follow-up, but those moments are too few to allow any frequency to flourish. So Trump then follows suit by continuing with the basic patterns of his notorious TrumpSpeak - RoboSpeak – “The Greatest Ever in the World, by Far!”

And that’s when the press loses its own compass; it has no direction in which to address this pattern of abuse. How often, following such briefings, the TV analysts lament on how the president got away with never answering this or that…, and the lies.

Well, it’s the press’s fault not Trump’s “masterful” art of debate. Through fear of falling out of favor mostly they let him get away with it. But fear not, cartoon loonies, there actually is a way to defeat the nonsensical ramblings of this child.

So after the aforementioned walk-off I awaited the next televised news briefing with anticipation, expecting the residue from that encounter to finally change the course of questioning in how the press would address Trump’s non-answers from now on.

Nothing! --- Nothing changed --- but it could have. And here’s how:


Before reporters ask their own questions, by simply banding together as a whole and agreeing to demand a full and truthful answer from the President for the preceding question, the bearing would have automatically changed.

The President would have no other choice but to address the question and whatever falsehoods fell out of the shadows, or he could run away like a coward. He can’t do that forever.

However, for this to happen the press as a whole must unite in an effort to eliminate the long worn out litanies of TrumpSpeak that flaunt the “fake achievements” which Trump, as the self proclaimed genius, reminds us about. “We have the Greatest Tests, Number One in the World.”

And if that’s not enough to satisfy the masses then he then reassures us that fairly tales do come true and like Magic our problems will go away,

 “…or they may not? I think they will. But, who knows? If it comes back then we’ll put the fire out right away, but it won’t come back to stay but if it does we’re prepared, we have the best ventilators, we’re the king of ventilators and testing. We’re now supplying the rest of the world with ventilators the best in the world by far…Next Question.”

“But Mr. President, you still never answered his/her question…and then I have a following question but first please answer how you intend to….,” (answer the preceding question?)

That should always be the Next Question if the preceding question is not answered by Trump’s Rump. And then simply add follow-up questions if his answers are still not truthful or complete.

So yes, News Media, learn to DEMAND an honest truthful answer. Don’t allow a con artist, lying buffoon to play you all for fools -- The fools that he claims you are and may indeed have been turned into by him…

”… except for a few of you who are honest, but most of you, (always pointing towards the back) you back there, you know who you are. You’re Fake – Dishonest and Fake! Thank you very much.” (mike drop - as he struts off like a peacock)

Consequently Press Corps, demand respect from your president and he’ll soon be afraid to call you all Fake News. But demand it as a whole…. And that includes you too Fox.

It’s that simple. Strength, Courage, and Wisdom is all it takes.

So, Jonathan Karl, as President of The White House Correspondents' Association (WHCA), might you also find it appropriate to discuss, amongst each of the attending reporters, about finding ways to help improve these briefings.

The press does possess the Freedom of Truth as its weapon but it has to still find new ways of seeking out and revealing that Truth…..as well as defend its virtue.

If not for yourselves then for the sake of the American Public --- Demand the Truth with Each and Every Question!

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