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Finding The Promise Of Love In A COVID-19 World Finding The Promise Of Love In A COVID-19 World
by Abigail George
2021-04-18 09:56:10
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Everything I write to you is in code. And when you fall I am reaching for the light that guides you in this universe. I am allowing for the pain of our separation to transform me.

lovcora001_400I call it bonding.

All things vanish into the oneness of the relationship. Yes, but the emphasis and connection and commonalities for being in love is different for everyone. Light, the witness can be painful and I know the old mind patterns of nightfall. Look at this scenario. Even love can be savage in her outlook and the response of her ego. To the freedom of salvation I have this to say.

You are not selective.

You want to see me all the time. I am in a clear space. A love field, but is this relationship more illusion or authentic demanding of all the power of now. I listen to your stories with the golden days of the entire waves of the body of my childhood sea, authentic breath and my exceptional being and so I overcome every break in this world finding the portals of identification with you in it.

And like the wildflowers I have existence.

I too have substance and you are resonance in all of its glory. For you have always been the journey.

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