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We Dreamed Ourselves Awake We Dreamed Ourselves Awake
by David Sparenberg
2021-03-25 06:13:21
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One day we all woke up.
Every one of us really woke up.
We dreamed ourselves awake.

Nothing more
needed to be given
everything already
was given between us.

dreame001_400We all sat
at somebody else’s table.
We all wore
somebody else’s clothes.

Everyone inclusively
every one of us
drank from the life stream of creation.

we dialogued together
in low tones
our voices soft and warm.

We understood
the bliss of love
the happy humility
of letting go. 

We were awake!
drummed in our kindred hearts
shone bravely
sweetly on our faces.

We looked
into one another
in the light of trust, blessed
with new eyes of renaissance.

We sat euphoric (drunk on presence)
in circles of others.
Peace was plentiful
within and between us.  Earth
in the Dreaming rejoiced.


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