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Global pedophile ring unmasked
by Amin George Forji
2007-06-25 07:44:17
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The advent of the internet has in many ways made organized crime more sophisticated, as hardened criminals are increasing exploiting this lucrative medium of communication for their own devilish ends, using aliases, but police from four countries have smashed a global pedophilia ring, arrested 700 suspects and rescued 31 children…so far.

The British police working in collaboration with the US, Canadian and Australian authorities have now unmasked a worldwide pedophile ring, operating in 35 countries on every continent, coordinated through a UK-based internet site. The British Police, which described it as the pedophile ring at its highest level, said on Monday that its leaders connected to each other through the internet, exchanging tactics and graphic photos. They were tracked down from a collaborating chat room called "Kids the Light of Our Lives", which authorities had earlier suspected way back in 2004.

The British Police announced Monday that they have now dismantle the core of that notorious ring, surrounding as many as 700 culprits worldwide and rescuing 31 children subjected to sex abuses. Most of the offenders are said to be in Britain, Canada and USA.

The British Police in East England explained that on collaborative sites used by the leaders of the ring, images of children subjected to horrific sexual abuses were shared, as well as live webcam projections of the crimes.

Detective Sgt. Kim Scanlan of the Toronto police sex crimes unit in Canada said the investigations are far from over, despite the arrest of 24 Canadians and rescuing seven children, "Every arrest we make we seize computers and information so there are a number of ongoing investigations…There's just been great cooperation. It's a good day, but it's one day out of many."

To evade easy traction through search engines, the mentors behind the organized crime went by religious attributes, the Police said. One of the hosts of the main chat room, 27-years old Timothy David Cox Martyn from Suffolk, for example variously signed in under the identities of “Son of God” and “Son of Man”, a clear allusion to Jesus Christ.

He was arrested on September 28, 2006, following tips from Canadian and Australian authorities to the British child protection center---an agency of the Home Office specialized in tracking down sex offenders; tracing the notorious chat room in the UK.

After Cox’s arrest, officials in the above three countries working in collaboration with each other successfully infiltrated the chat rooms in question, and ran it as if they were the owners, at times even pretending to be Cox, thereby collecting significant evidence of the other ring members. The one thing they did not do during their ten days in the chat rooms was not to distribute any indecent images or project any webcams.

They collected enough information that led them to several keys arrests, with their computers being seized as well. Thousands of videos, explicit and indecent images were found on each of their computers.

Cox Martyn was tried on Monday at a court in East England, where he was sentenced to an indeterminate jail term, after he admitted to nine of the ten counts brought against him, for possessing and distributing indecent images, as well as sexually corrupting children.
Before sentencing Cox, one of the judges Sir Peter Thompson CJ tried to awaken a sense of morality in him telling him thus:

"These are shocking images which involve very young children - in the worst cases being subjected to sadistic, painful abuse which you, for some distorted reason, appear to take enjoyment from," said Thompson CJ. By giving him an indeterminate jail sentence, the court made sure that Cox would be kept in jail for as long as authorities deem it that he is a threat to children. In other words, his sentenced could end up translating into a life imprisonment.

Jim Gamble, chief executive of the East England child protection center welcomed the judgment saying it’s going to serve as a bitter lesson and deterrence to others still involved in the criminality. "Today's verdict serves as a powerful warning to those using the Internet to facilitate the sexual exploitation of children," Jim Gamble warned, "Any individual who thinks they carry out such horrific activities undetected is in for a very rude awakening. The belief that the Internet provides anonymity is unfounded."

One of Cox’s Lieutenants, Gordon Mackintosh, arrested since January this year is still awaiting sentence, although he has already admitted to 27 of the 33 charges brought against him.

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LL2007-06-22 21:08:16
Some studies indicate is actually more profitable to make money in illegal ventures on the Internet than it is to work in legal means.

LL2007-06-22 21:14:03
For more information about child and personal safety read "Look Both Ways" by ex-Microsoftie Linda Criddle. She is a passionate and recognized expert on the subject of child porn and protecting children and vunerable adults. See = http://look-both-ways.com/default.aspx

Ask Linda2007-06-22 21:16:23

For the last several years I've been the online safety expert behind what used to be called MSN and is now Windows Live for Microsoft. My job was to look at how online services may be abused and to teach product teams how to build safer software, how and where to include safety messaging within products, and how to build abuse prevention and monitoring tools to improve the overall safety of consumers when using Internet services. My job also included teaching consumers how to be safer when using the Web and law enforcement how to improve their online detection. Learn more about me.

Over this period, you've been asking me many of your Internet safety questions and though most of you haven't known who has been answering, it has been my great privilege to help. With this Web site and my book, Look Both Ways: Help protect your family on the Internet, I've expanded that help.

Like the book, this Web site, is my own independent effort and is not affiliated, hosted, or managed by any company.

I'm hoping that this Web site will help you learn how to navigate the Web on your own terms. It's a place where you can ask your online safety questions and get straight answers.

How to ask me a question

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If you don't find the answer, send an e-mail to AskLindaYourSafetyQuestions@hotmail.com. I'll try to respond on the site (not directly to you) as quickly as I can.

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