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Mirrors Mirrors
by Abigail George
2020-03-31 08:09:33
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She is two people. One filled with introspection and the other is a mirror held up to her face, her identity, her personality, and perhaps truth too in ways in means inconceivable to the world around her.

mirr01_400The man is magnificent. Everything about the man is magnificent. His life speaks of travel and adventure. She has never been anywhere.

She has never been out of this town. She has lived, but only a half-life with half-measures and half-truth. She has been searching her entire life for someone to make her feel as if she did have an identity in crisis or otherwise. An identity that came with means and truth and a personality.

The man comes and visits her and spends hours in her company. She thinks to herself, what do I have to offer him, he has seen the glories and the wonders of the world.

She makes coffee and they talk until the steaming mugs become lukewarm and the coffee becomes cold. She holds the man in her arms and they sway to the music.

The man likes music. He likes to dance. He is a good dancer and in his arms she becomes a wonderful dancer filled with light and music and air. She floats in his arms and he holds her as if there is no tomorrow and nobody has ever made her feel like this. As if she is the Northern Star, as if she is the sea, as if she is tinny wave and vibration, as if she is the most beautiful girl in the world.

Yes, the man has made her see who she really is. The divided self no longer existed for her and she was no longer invisible and she was truth and beauty and every single thing that Keats wrote to his love, she has become. But all she could see in the mirror was pain. And all she could see in his eyes, the man's eyes was wonder and truth and beauty.

He lit up the room. He lit her up like the sun. He was the sun. He was two suns. It was undeniable. And as they danced, he held her tight and she pretended it was another adventure, that they both were living in another lifetime. They had each other, and that was all that mattered.

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