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The Democrats' VP Choice: How to Extract the Sensible Republicans from the Trump Party The Democrats' VP Choice: How to Extract the Sensible Republicans from the Trump Party
by Bohdan Yuri
2020-03-26 10:33:29
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The Democratic Party candidates have been whittled down to one --- Joe Biden.

Bernie and his followers may continue until the end; however, Joe Biden will be the Democratic Party’s final choice. The next important decision for Biden AND the Democratic National Committee will be choosing Biden’s running mate to run against Trump.

So far under Perez’s leadership the Democrats have floundered without any dynamic improvement. Despite the mid-term election boost they have remained stale and are still stuck in recovery from the 2016 election loss and humiliation by Trump’s victory boasts.

bide001_400We saw how Hillary’s choice for VP didn’t inspire any surge of new or even old voters. Murphy was a safe nominee, a man of good moral standing who was a fine Senator --- but a bad choice!

So who now, any of those set aside by the primary: Amy, Warren, or as had been occasionally promoted on website sidelines – “Joe/Kamala?”

Joe has already committed to a woman as his running mate. Adding diversity to the Democratic ticket is widely seen as a priority for a Party. But perhaps a different kind of diversity should be applied here.

Yes, another group of fine women, some even able to take on Trump verbally; but, what else would there be to change any Republican’s Party vote to Democrat?

This campaign should not be turned into mudslinging bargains of accusations which is what the Trump Party (TP) will open fire with each and every day.

No, the way to address this kind of warfare is to show the other side that things can change on their side too and without the necessary hostile takeovers that came with the Trump Brand of politics on the Republican side. Yes we all know how Trump will treat a Democratic woman VP candidate…and worse, who would even care to object anymore?

The Democrats should instead extract the “Sensible” Republicans from the Trump Party and perhaps insure an “American Win” by opening up the voice for that kind of Freedom within the GOP that is presently being muzzled by fear. Unleash its power of Truth!

Strength, Courage, and Wisdom: those are the precious ingredients within our souls that carry us all to the Truth.

Again, did anyone amongst that primary list of women project not just the ability to be Vice President, but to serve well as President if asked?

Yes, they all would do well. However, would they also possess the presidential mettle to help bind the two parties AND lead our country back to its bipartisan normalcy? A “normalcy” that is simply defined by the words we all grew up hearing within the Superman motto, “…Truth, Justice, and the American Way!” ---- Not The Trump Way?

It won’t be an easy task. Even if Trump does leave office many Trumpsters may still be left behind; anxious to not only fight the Democrats on every cause but also maintain a chokehold on their own party as well. We saw what the Tea Party did…

These heady times require not just a heroic candidate but a heroic ticket with whom all sides can coalesce behind and support the reconstruction that our government will need to go through following the Great Trump Disaster.

…and if none of the above mentioned Democrats resonate this call, then ……Who, who,…?

Somewhere out in our country there is perhaps one perfect person capable of filling the bill but that choice is left for Fate to be flourished. So instead we must choose from a pool that has shown us all the reasons in whom to have faith, or not.

We will need someone that is well known, respected, an undeniable intermediary of the two parties, let’s start with that criteria. Let’s begin.

Here’s a thought:

Yes, he worked under Obama, but under any President he had always worked for this country first. Despite disagreements with some of Obama’s policies, there was always respect on both sides

(As for empathy and understanding for their fellow Americans, anyone will be an improvement over Trump/Pence…so that’s a gimme.)

He’s a Midwesterner, with a solid foundation; let’s also throw in, a decorated war veteran. Served in Congress….He resigned from the Obama Administration.

Yes, Obama hired him; then forced him out….Oh, by the way, he’s also a registered Republican.

Wait a minute…..huh? Let’s consider…

Under such a dynamic mix how would a Republican voter consider such a verdict - No, yes, no so far….can’t have both sides, both ways, and a Republican --- what’s going on?

How could that be possible? Headline --- “GOP Suddenly Sprayed with Confusion Powder!”

Maybe the Democrats do need to start throwing some chaos onto the Republican side. Let Republicans start questioning their own motives.

All this and a Presidency could be possible if only the DNC would take it upon themselves to think outside the box and present that kind of option to their Party. And then address the cause with the intended nominee: ….Chuck Hagel.

Yes, Chuck Hagel!

The former Senator from Nebraska is a man worthy of respect and consideration by either party.

My only fear is that Chuck Hagel might decline rather than have himself and his family suffer the “slings and arrows” of demented, dangerous fools...But from what I’ve noticed about the man, Chuck Hagel will serve his country, and its citizens, with his full body and soul.

Unlike the present day White House occupants who have sold theirs.

Still, Chuck Hagel?

Yes, what we need now is a true leader. Why not, Chuck Hagel?

Who better to trust than a leader of a platoon, life and death decisions in the thick of conflict?

Yes, he was forced out by the Obama administration, a plus in the Republican side, but let’s face it Obama was negligent on Ukraine, Syria, and Putin. I know the Republican congress didn’t allow Obama any bipartisanship leeway but Syria, Iraq, and Ukraine, could have been handled better. Nevertheless, we are where we are.

As for competence, unlike Pence, and his “virus management style”, Hagel is someone who could easily step in and keep the recovery progress going forward. I’m sure Biden’s female choice would be very competent but still a divisive pawn for the Republicans. With Chuck, they’d be tearing themselves down.

The hope here too is that a Biden/ Hagel victory will also create a united bipartisan front that might actually work for one and only one cause….to Honestly and Truly “Make America Great Again” as it once was --- before Trump.

Now, in Trump, we have a President who himself IS Fake News while he and his Republican Party have made our country and his Party the laughing stock of the world; and including the USA, Putin’s playground. That’s the honest Truth for both parties and our standing in the world.

God Save Our Country! (….but We need to do our part.)

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