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Memory Of The World Memory Of The World
by Nikos Laios
2020-03-17 09:47:53
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In solitude I heard
The trees whisper
In the heat of the day
Among the cicada songs,
vortex_400And sunlight filtered
Through branches
And danced on the ground
As I lay on a hammock
With eyes closed.

In the midday heat
I heard Seferis,
Cavafy, Eliot
And Ginsberg
All recite their poetry
And crazy Max Jacob
Swilling his Absinthe.

A vivid blue sky
Stretched to the horizon
With some white clouds
Fixed to the sky and I
Heard their voices still
As though they came
From the clouds.

I saw sailing ships
And white horses race
Across the sky,
Spires and domes
With the clanging
Bells and Kyrie Eleison,
I saw beautiful ladies
Dancing a minuet,
And the bold colours
Of paintings bleeding
Across the blue sky
All mingling with the
Voices of the poets.

In the heat of the day
I saw visions and angels
And heard voices
Of the shadows
Of a past long gone
So vividly and sweat
Trickled down my brow
And bronzed summer skin,
I looked up at the blue sky
And understood then
That the past still exists
In the memory
Of the world.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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