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Isles Of Seclusion Isles Of Seclusion
by Saloni Kaul
2021-01-28 10:08:19
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Poets and sensitive souls shy from excess

Of virtually all vulgarity, violence,

Bathos, verbosity, the sentimental recess,

To stoically allow inner reserves dominance.

As at first brush when confronted with danger,

A tortoise recluse prefers by far its own hard shell

To risky encounters with dogs in the manger

That want own meat at the cost of everyone else.

On precipitous cliff turf, nests on ledges hard ,

Squats midst sea thrift, reeds, low earth banks, rock crevices,

The dark-eyed smell-sensitive fulmar its privacy guards

At danger sign ejects foul stench, anti-intruder device.

As Sage from retreat and meditation draws his sustenance,

All from isles of seclusion reap dividends,extract our subsistence.



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