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Var Village Voice
by Anita Rieu-Sicart
2007-06-25 07:47:17
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The VAR VILLAGE VOICE SUMMER EVENTS CALENDAR – monthly English language Newsletter circulating throughout the Var to British, Danish, Swedish, German, expatriates, - covers all the best events all over the Var, South of France, providing its expatriate readers, their friends, families and summer visitors (many rent out accommodation or run Chambres D’Hotes) with all the information they need to enjoy a super summer in the Var!

Events span the Jazz Festival at Ramatuelle, or Jazz on the idyllic island of Porquerolles, and Rock with the Voix du Gaou, Chamber & Baroque music festivals, the Art & Vin Festival, where several dozen vineyards up and down the region host interesting Art & Sculpture exhibitions in addition to offering their visitors wine tasting.

…………events held in some of the loveliest locations to be found in the Var, piano recitals in the Gardens of the Domaine Rayol, overlooking the Mediterranean, Flute concerts at the Chateau of Vins sur Caramy, a chateaux one would not easily stumble over, Chamber Music and Jazz at the delightful Abbey and Cloisters of La Celle, where one can even reserve dinner with one’s ticket at the incomparable Ducaisse L’Hostellerie restaurant just next door, Mediaeval music at the Cistercian Abbey at le Thoronet, etc.

………. and the VVV Summer Events Calendar will spell it all out, making it that much easier for visitors, holiday makers in the region to find the entertainment of their choice!

This year’s July VVV Events Calendar, will in addition go up on the VAR VILLAGE VOICE WEBSITE in pdf format, (similar to the April Weddings in Provence supplement* see below) making it available to visitors to the website in the UK, USA, Scandinavia and elsewhere, and to regional Chambres D’Hotes - to print out for their summer visitors. It will go up on the website shortly before the 1st July.

The VVV website is also now starting to accept advertisements, have a look see at the VVV website - Villa Rental section.


VAR VILLAGE VOICE, premier expatriate news and event monthly circulating in the Var, will be collaborating with the INFORMATION FRANCE website, and will be supplying them with Var Events information. This site has the support of Maison de France (French Tourist Office in London), the Var Tourist Dept and Toulon Airport.

Have a look at the developing Var Gazette on that website.


The VAR VILLAGE VOICE website has been updated, new rental properties have been added, and traffic in increasing to the website, particularly following the very fruitful collaboration with the American website, “France on Your Own”, in connection with the April Weddings in Provence supplement - now up on the VVV website in PDF format.

**NB. Listing of rental accommodation is free to VVV subscribers.

For more information, please contact:

Anita Rieu-Sicart (anita@varvillagevoice.com)

Editor, Var Village Voice


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