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Consultations all on Consultations all on
by Saloni Kaul
2020-02-26 10:02:58
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Stretched lazily across, it shows up in the sky

So like a long forgotten loved one dear

At your doorstep leaning against the woodframe high,

Startles the eye and heart with unexpected image clear.

Out of a blurry blue that merry bobs

All the birdsong filled day that chirping tweeting turns

All shingled colours dressed, top space it sudden mobs

Like an arched wing that ready flight soon yearns.

The fleeting showers-swept land that upward looks

In darkening changing blue then sees now shade  now gold,

The radiance stunning as enlightening books,

Alone up there, sheer beauty its own holds.

A spectacle in transcience, all exult ,

As hastily you and I too that rainbow consult.



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