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Stoically Yours    Stoically Yours
by Saloni Kaul
2020-02-21 09:47:54
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Thin sequinned showers preempt the season like a prologue wearer,
Narrator-like hint at what’s to be the hankered after confection,
A prelude beckons, brings the scene ahead a shade nearer
And coaxes that backward-forward connection.
Like swiftest of wide smiles that click on and then off ,
A curtain raiser and then shutter like cocktail samples on a tray,
To one ensnared it is as good a deal as mixture sold for cough ,
You see yourself way into the years all in that sequinned spray.
Such are the ways and guiles that time deploys ,
A host of flashing things before we lid the pot, pan, box,
That modify the hurting pain and trim the joys
And blunt the dropping claw anchor fluke as the yacht docks.
Quite baffling time and space , in reverie I am stacked steep
In lands where even those willows no longer weep.



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