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Sulphur-Stamped Skyscapes Sulphur-Stamped Skyscapes
by Saloni Kaul
2020-02-14 08:54:27
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Pale opalescent cloudscapes of vapour

Breathe like a canvas stained in vibrant pigment blur,

All sulphur-stamped’s the sun’s clouddriven capers ,

Poetic’s distillation from weak sunlight skycolours.

Odd golden sparks soon burst upon the canvas scene

Dissolving shapes in waveplays yellowish of light;

The dramaturgy of forms cosmic always ready, keen ,

Takes on man’s dream views of ethereal delight.

Transparency holds those celestial matter arcades,

Quite irrespective of how turgid or how volatile !

Yet hazy mysticism my own cloud study pervades ,

Each issue veils as I close in , analyses compile.

Skyscapes revolve as all these clouds conduct their dance

And leave me in a daze , the gold day in a trance.



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