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"Dream of Hope for African Children"
by Amin George Forji
2007-06-16 10:50:28
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Warm boys and girls of Africa
I know for sure, that right now
As you embrace this unique day of your’s
Your thinking heads must be filled up
With thousands and thousands of worries

You are surely wondering
Why a day for the African child to begin with
When apparently, all the good things the world
Could ever offer it’s children
Are distant luxuries away from you

You must be worried
Why the best things ever imported to you
Is nothing better than arms and conflicts
When the precious bambururu dance
Is slowly but surely being transformed
From a traditional merry-making music chorus
Into a popular everyday funeral song

My dear boys and girls, you know what?
I have a dream of hope for you
I have a dream that on this same valleys
Where mines and thorns were once planted
Will sprout the most beautiful seeds and flowers
That the world ever saw or knew

Even on those mountains across the valley
I see brothers and sisters that once fought
To exercise control on the big Oroko tree
Sitting right under it to celebrate
The joy and warmth of togetherness
I see them joining hands to plant
The mighty new-born garden of Africa

And that is just the beginning of the dream
I see sickness and disease
Being chased out of the baby African garden
Like a python in the sleeping room.

And even those other children that had given up
And left the land to seek refuge in the wonderland
I see them hurrying back home
To join hands in watering the newly planted garden
And proudly showing the rest of the world
That it’s also possible here in Africa
To plant and harvest hope

But that day will only come
Nice boys and girls
When you join your hands to the ploy
And begin pushing it forward
In the direction of hope
And if you do that, believe me
You would hew out of the mountain of despair
A golden stone of African hope.

© Amin George Forji

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