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Foggy Blues Foggy Blues
by Jan Sand
2020-01-25 10:42:14
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Here is a morning fog
That rises from the snow
To inhabit head-tall space
In lightless glow.
fogg01_400Shapes normally well known
Allow themselves to drift, to flow,
To merge, flux, change
To something one cannot know,
Menacing, indefinable, strange.
Houses bulk, loom to presume
In fearsomeness, destroy solidities
Lean in ways precarious,
Pounce on our fragility.
Their agile smokey grace rest on reptile legs,
Bare jagged broken window panes.
Dragon cars glare laser eyes, growl the streets
To sweep from murk to murk.
Dogs go berserk, howl and bark
At lumps that slip around the dark
With swift retreats that leave no mark.
A garbage can gets kicked, tipped
Rolls to clang a lamp post.
Silence picks the clicks of heels, tacks
A path to intersect our spot. This way comes
God knows what. Better retreat
To a well known street,
Windowside, await the Sun
To burn away the haze
And disentangle streetwise maze.

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