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The Ka-Thunking Politics of Sabotage The Ka-Thunking Politics of Sabotage
by Leah Sellers
2020-01-24 07:11:59
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The Politics of Sabotage does not exist solely in Washington D.C..

Oh no, the Politics of Sabotage is everywhere groups of Humanity can be found. The Politics of Sabotage is Darwinian - primal and predatory in nature, and is found within Human Nature everywhere.

The Politics of Sabotage is a brewing, spewing ImPerfect Storm awaiting random and directed mixtures of personal and interpersonal Actions and InActions to converge before erupting into a Chaos which can downward spiral into Lies and Deceits used against Unsuspecting others at the malicious hands and intentions of Corrupt and Corrupting others.

teac01_400All Politics of Sabotage seek out Patsies to play Patsy Cake with. Oh, the ugly Games some folks can Play with the Lives and Well Being of Others !

“Hey Maria, the Light Board just came in.” Mrs. Lazarus said delightedly to one of her best Teaching Assistants. “Give me a couple of minutes to set it up, and we can begin the Test David needs to perform. We’ll be teaching him the various tasks he needs to perform step-by-step.”

“He’s new to my class, and this will also give me an idea of the strengths and weaknesses of some of his skill sets.”

“He is sitting on the floor in the next room, Ms. Lazarus,” Maria answered. “I will get him into his wheel chair, and bring him right in.”

“Thank you, Maria.”

Mrs. Lazarus set the heavy Light Board up on one of the long tables in the Educational Room, and plugged it in. The Light Board had three light bulbs colored red, blue and yellow. Each bulb was covered with a hard plastic safety cage, and just below each bulb, on the front face of the Light Board was a Light Switch labeled A 1, B 2, and C 3.

Maria entered the Educational Room from the door of the Entertainment Room where the students learned to Cook, Sing, Dance, Create Art, and play Group Games. She rolled David’s wheel chair up to the table and locked his wheels in place.

Mrs. Lazarus noticed that David’s Safety belt was hanging loosely down on both sides of the chair. “Maria, are you still not putting David’s safety
belt on ?”

“No ma’am,” Maria answered in her thick Hispanic accent. “He throws a fit every time it is buckled. He likes to be free to climb in and out of his chair when he wants to crawl around the room.”
David was severely mentally and physically handicapped. He had no language skills to speak of. David would grunt or hoot out his needs to the world, and attempt to point to or grab at the things he wanted to engage with.

David’s legs were emaciated and misshapen. He could not straighten them out. He drug his legs and body around on the floor with his powerful arms quite adeptly and quickly when he saw something that interested him.

“Okey-doke. Well, let’s see whether or not he understands the verbal commands given to him, when it involves something he may or may not be interested in,” Mrs. Lazarus grinned.

“David, can you point to the letter A ?” Mrs. Lazarus asked.

David began to grunt and hoot agitatedly, and roll his head around.

“David, can you point to the letter A ?”

More hoots and grunts of disapproval. More head rolling.

“Let’s try something different, shall we ? Mrs. Lazarus said brightly.

“David, can you point to the blue light ?”

David reached up, and as quick as lightning grabbed the blue bulb’s safety cage. He then stuck three of his long, thin, tapering fingers through the safety cage and began to squeeze the bulb tightly.

Mrs. Lazarus immediately wrapped her hands around David’s, and attempted to extricate his fingers from the bulb before he broke it and possibly cut his hands.

David grew angry, and hooting and grunting loudly began to bang the torso of his body up and into the under-lip of the long table, making the table jerk up and down, and shaking everything off of it, including sliding the Light Board.  Ka-thunk ! Ka-thunk ! Ka-thunk !

Maria reached over to grab the Light Board, and David, who had lost his grip on the light bulb, grabbed a handful of her thick, black hair and yanked it up and down.

Mrs. Lazarus, wrapped her hands around David’s hand, while holding his other previously flailing arm down, and forcing one of his fingers at a time to loosen their grip on Maria’s hair. Maria was yelping out in pain, and also attempted to get David to release her hair.

“He is pulling it out ! I will be bald !” Maria cried out.

Finally, Maria was able to escape David’s grip.

David had loose strands of Maria’s hair gripped tightly in his hand, as he continued to bang his torso into the table. Ka-thunk ! Ka-thunk ! Ka-thunk !

“We have got to get his safety belt on, before we can back his chair up, Maria. There’s no telling what he’ll do if he gets out of his chair.”

Ka-thunk ! Ka-thunk ! Ka-thunk !

Finally, the two women were able to avoid David’s whirling arms and hands, get hold of his safety belt, and snap it closed around his bucking, bouncing midrift.

Then, Mrs. Lazarus was able to back David away from the table, and ended his fit of Self and Other Abuse.

“How are you, Maria. Here, let me take a look at your head. “I’m so sorry that he hurt you like that. That really surprised me. No one warned me that he had behaviors like that,” Mrs. Lazarus said breathlessly.

“You are limping very badly, Mrs. Lazarus,” Maria said.

“Oh, one of the student’s accidentally hurt me a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve just been hobbling along, hoping that it would get better over time, but it appears that whatever damage was done is more serious than I thought it was, and this little tussle has just exacerbated it,” Mrs. Lazarus admitted.

“We’ll attempt this Test a little later with David. Please tell the other Assistants to start Reading Circle with the students. I’m going to limp on down to the Nurses’s Station and report what’s happened, and see if they won’t let me head on over to a doctor’s office to get checked out. I have a horrible, burning pain running down from my back and into my left leg,” Mrs. Lazarus explained.

“Yes Ma’am. Don’t worry about anything. It’s almost time to take the students out to their bus. You go to the Nurse and do what you must do,” Maria said.

“Thank you, Maria. And I hope your head gets to feeling better soon. I really appreciate all of your hard work,” Mrs. Lazarus said as she painfully finished picking up everything that had fallen from the table to the floor and returned it all to its proper place.

“Thank you, Mrs. Lazarus, I will return David to the next room, and keep his safety belt tightened around him so he cannot get into anymore mischief,” Maria said firmly as she looked directly into David’s eyes.

Maria kept her distance from David’s long, strong arms, and hooting, grunting struggling body as she went around to the back of his wheelchair. Smiling at Mrs. Lazarus, Maria opened the door, and wheeled David, as he banged his head back and forth against the back of his chair, into the Entertainment Room.

Mrs. Lazarus limped down to the Nurses’s Station, and told the Nurse all about how two weeks earlier she had been hurt by another one of the students, and felt even worse now after the unexpected struggle with David over the simple task of pointing at a blue light bulb. “At least David grabbed the right color bulb. That was something.” Mrs. Lazarus smiled wanly.

The Nurse informed Mrs. Lazarus that she needed to fill out a Worker’s Comp form, and take a copy with her over to the doctor’s office, and that she would inform the front office of everything that had occurred.

Mrs. Lazarus did as she was told, and drove on over to the doctor’s office. The doctor sent her over to the hospital for x-rays, and had her hospitalized for a couple of days for further testing and evaluation.

While Mrs. Lazarus was laid up in the hospital, one of her Teacher’s Assistant’s, who was angry with Mrs. Lazarus for writing her up, and leaving the paper work with the School Nurse to file, over the Assistant’s abuse of another student a couple of months earlier, discovered bruises David had given himself all over the front of his torso, while he was bucking up and down under the table in anger.

The Teacher’s Assistant had not been fired for her previous abuse of another student, because her family was a politically powerful family in the small town the high school was located in. The principal had backed down from his duty, and the Teacher’s Assistant was left in Mrs. Lazarus’ classroom to poison the environment.

Mrs. Lazarus’ injuries proved to be serious and her doctors stressed the necessity of physical therapies, and the high likelihood of more than one surgery.

Mrs. Lazarus was to be out for the rest of the school year, which was almost over as it was, and had already decided, even before the accidents which had injured her so badly, that because of the Political Games that had been played in her classroom due to the dysfunctional and mean-spirited Teacher’s Assistant, that she would be searching for another position elsewhere. Mrs. Lazarus preferred to Respect the people the worked with.

However, unknown to Mrs. Lazarus, the malicious Teacher’s Assistant chose to lie, and claim that Mrs. Lazarus and Maria had beaten David when he acted out. Children’s Services was called in to investigate what happened. They discovered that Maria was an immigrant with a green card.

Mrs. Lazarus never found out what happened to Maria, but did find out through friends what deceitful lies had been told about her.

Even though she explained what had happened to the proper authorities, her reputation was tainted by malicious gossip and the Politics of Sabotage.

Ka-thunk ! Ka-thunk ! Ka-thunk !


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