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Profiles and psychiatry of mass shooters Profiles and psychiatry of mass shooters
by Joseph Gatt
2020-01-17 07:43:20
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Human nature has it that we are protected by a community. Individual human beings are usually protected by their parents, with whom they tend to have a hierarchical but protective relationship. Individuals then tend to play a role in a tribe, often with blood ties. That is, individuals feel safe when they are linked to a large group of individuals, with a smaller group of individuals protecting them.

Personality disorders, economic factors such as large debt, or addiction factors such as drug addiction can lead individuals to cut ties with their group of kins. That is kins tend to no longer want to be associated with an individual who has deviant behavior, who leads a reckless life economically, or whose drug addiction wrecks both his or her health and economic situation.

mashoo01_400So the individual outcast will tend to look for another group of people to substitute for the kins. In some cases, individuals will belong to a virtual group (often online) where they will play a role as an individual and where they will feel protected. Otherwise, the individual will seek gang membership, or cult membership.

So mass shooters tend to have the following profile: individual outcasts, who often act in isolated fashion, or under the orders of their gang, or under the orders of their cult.

Individual lone mass shooters

I know what it's like being an outcast. I clung to my ex-girlfriend for 8 and half years because she was the only kin I had. When she left, and I was on a concentration camp, I had that huge feeling of insecurity as I had no kin whose protection I could rely on. Having no kin to rely on can lead to feelings of being lost, losing a purpose in life, and seeing no point in setting life plans or life goals. That because risks can not be taken, as you can not rely on kins for protection in case the risk turns sour. Note that in my time at the concentration camp I was under cover as an Arab and that if I had revealed my identity an even worst fate could have awaited me. The Israeli embassy did play a role in my liberation from the concentration camp “in the name of human rights for all.”

So individual mass shooters tend to fit the following profile: they are under the protection of no kin, or just lost the only kin they had who was protecting them. That is they have no parents or their parents have given up on them. Perhaps they had a girlfriend who just left them, or they had a fight and separated with “the only friend” they had who they could rely on.

Absence of kin means huge feelings of insecurity, which can lead to personality disorders like megalomania or borderline personality disorder, among other disorders. It can also lead to seeking kin membership on virtual forums, and a mass shooting can “confirm” their kin membership in the virtual sphere. Either way, the mass shooting either means that their only hope of finding kin membership is in prison, or by dying alone.

Gang mass shooters

Gangs are often very good at identifying people with a desperate need for kin membership. Gang members are often themselves people who lost all kins and who find new membership among kins. Unlike cults, gangs tend not to have an elaborate ideology for gang membership.

Gangs often install a hierarchical relationship with new members and tend to manipulate new members into accepting an unconditional hierarchical relationship. Gangs then send members on “missions.” So if a gang members was mistreated at a Wal-Mart for example, he could order the new gang member to go on a mass shooting, and the new gang member will accept the mission in the name of unconditional hierarchy and loyalty.

Cult mass shooters

Unlike gangs, cults tend to have an elaborate ideology and hierarchy. The leader will often be a mystical figure, and cult members tend to be conditioned into rituals and deferring to the unconditional hierarchy.

In the name of publicity, especially if the cult has terrorist or violent goals, the cult can invite one of its members, in the name of unconditional hierarchy, to carry targeted assassinations or mass shootings. The goal will be the recruitment of individuals, those individuals who in many cases have lost all natural kin membership.

Mass shootings often mean that the cult is no longer anonymous, and cults use complex legal tricks to make it sound like the mass shooting was an isolated act rather than the fruit of an order from the hierarchy. The cult often invites individuals to “shoot and kill as many people as possible” because they know the shooter will eventually be killed, thus will not testify in court.

Finally, why are there fewer mass shootings, say, in Canada?

Canada has a welfare system where every individual is entitled to free housing and a welfare check that can cover “Kosher” kinship and activities. That is with a welfare paycheck of 1,500 Canadian dollars; you can hang out with a group of buddies at the café all day, or at the pub occasionally, and discuss the latest ice hockey results or soccer results. So individuals in Canada feel safe because they often depend on nobody for their paycheck, are thus free to choose their friends.

The US not having such an elaborate welfare system, gang or cult kin membership often creates an economic dependency, thus US gang or cult members are more easily manipulated. Individual mass shooters also have an “all in” approach to carrying the mass shooting, often because they have nothing to lose, much less a welfare paycheck.

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