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Why do the "American Bastards" want 5 billion Why do the "American Bastards" want 5 billion
by Joseph Gatt
2019-12-29 12:22:43
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We have all experienced this in some form, first hand or second hand. My brother (or sister) comes live in my apartment as she is between jobs, or looking for a job, or fresh out of college. I give her a room and pocket money and feed her and take care of her chores. She looks for a job. One month, two months, three months, six months. Now she's staying at home doing nothing, just playing with her computer all day, eating and sleeping.

Now as a responsible big brother, who loves my sister dearly, I can't kick her out of the house. But I charge her rent. And I'm dead serious. That way, by paying rent, she will at least be more proactive, go out, do the dishes at a pub, wait tables at a restaurant, or work at a supermarket, gain some real life experience, all this while still looking for a job.

uskore01_400So, by charging Korea and Japan “rent”, I think the Trump administration wants to fix the following behavior from the Koreans and the Japanese:

-When we, Americans, ask for a document or authorization or for deliveries or projects. Let's say we ask for it today, January 1st, and want it to be provided by June 1st. The Koreans and Japanese will tell us on May 31st, in some cases June 1st, that they haven't even started preparing the document, item to be delivered, authorization or project. Not that they are behind schedule and are working on the project. THEY HAVEN'T EVEN STARTED the project. And they let us know on the due date. That behavior must change, as security matters are serious matters not to be played with.

-In terms of training, when we Americans train for an operation, we repeat, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat the exercise until the actual operation will be almost fun, the only thing that will change will be a dose of adrenaline during the actual operation. The Koreans and Japanese? They dig holes in the morning and fill them back in the afternoon! And when they train for an operation, they only train once, perhaps twice, but then brag about the exercise being “difficult” and involving “no sleep for 5 days.” You train a hundred times before an operation; training once with difficulty doesn't make you prepared for the actual operation.

-Smear campaigns. Smear campaigns really hurt the moral of American troops in Korea and Japan, who are there to help Japan and Korea's security matters, especially provided a nuclear-armed North Korea is just around the corner. So Korean and Japanese press smearing the American troops would be like players from Korea's soccer team smearing each other before a big game. It's actually even worst than that.

-Unsolicited smearing of South Korea by Japan and of Japan by South Korea. The only way to encourage Korea and Japan to act responsibly is by having them share more when it comes to defense costs, specifically because as they are getting a cheap security ride, they think they can do what they want with it, and smear each other whenever needed.

-No notion that security matters are very serious, vital matters. Japan and South Korea tend to take unnecessary risks when it comes to security and defense matters, including failure to deliver projects, absence or lack of communication, and absence of reaction in the face of security threats or attack. Add lack of initiative and poor wartime operational planning and poor coordination among units and across units. If they pay more, they will be more careful how they handle their armed forces and wartime (and peacetime) operational planning.

-Now to the economic side of the equation. Japan and South Korea are notorious for their non-tariff trade barriers, making it very difficult for a lot of American products to penetrate the Japanese and Korean markets. Frequent legal changes, harassment of American companies based in South Korea and Japan, vague laws, immigration hassles, and a high-handed administration that cancels deals and visas based on minor typos or mistakes, a justice system that does not punish those who harm American businesses, all this despite a US military presence to defend and protect South Korean and Japanese interest. While Americans don't believe in group mentality and believe it is individual soldiers protecting Japan and South Korea, not American businessmen, American businessmen still want a tiny bit of recognition when it comes to their country (and taxpayer dollars, as Americans based overseas owe the IRS taxes) defending South Korean and Japanese interests.

-Finally, rude, tactless, vague communication and absence of communication among South Korean, Japanese and American politicians. We elected Trump, among other reasons, because we were sick of tired of South Korean and Japanese (and European) politicians “spitting at our faces” while they talked to us, despite all the help and assistance we have provided over the years. South Korea and Japan are now rich and civilized countries. While we Americans don't want to be South Korea and Japan's hierarchical superiors, we believe in an alliance of equals. We don't believe in being cursed and bossed around by Japan and South Korea. And we don't like being called “American bastards.”

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