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Memories Memories
by Nikos Laios
2019-12-25 11:05:45
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Ripped, buzz, 
Cracked, cut, snapped,
midnight_dancer_400Slithering from the bowels of
The earth through the
Crust to the surface as
The howl of a black wolf
Screams ancient fears
Over the cold snow of
Our winter years.

The haunted shadows
And curling mists
Broken by rays of
Streaming sunlight
Illuminating the trees
As the train rattles
Around the bend
Piercing the mountain,
Injecting its earthly flesh
As empty crushed coke cans
And cigarette butts swirl out
Of the half-opened and naked box cart
Mingling with dry leaves falling onto gravel tracks
Depositing over the centuries and the ancient years.

The pungent smoke rising up
From the crumbling chimneys
Solemnly like a silent prayer,
An incantation to the days that have
Gone and the days that are yet to come
Collecting over our summer years;
To the howling black wolf
And the clattering train,
As wisps of smoke smudge
The blue sky with their memories.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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