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And now: Boris Vis BoJo And now: Boris Vis BoJo
by Thanos Kalamidas
2019-12-15 11:11:53
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Boris Johnson’s triumphant victory on the general election was – despite what a lot in UK and abroad like to believe - a verification that the British people want a Brexit and they want is as soon as possible. Decades of brain washing about European Union was not going to change in a fortnight despite the awareness that it was also accompanied with fake news, lies and misleading propaganda. The British people want out and they want it so hard that they are ready to elect a clown like BoJo as a prime minister. Period.

Any conversation for a new referendum is over for at least two decades and if there is anything to change that it will be first economic and then cataclysmic. It will take at least a generation to forget and forgive all the despite towards anything coming from Brussels including sprouts.

bo01_400That is the "main" outcome from the 14th of December 2019 general election in Britain. But there are a lot of secondary consequences and important outcomes. Major secondary outcome was the triumphant (again) establishment of Boris Johnson inside the Conservative Party. There are no doubters or remianers or ambitious anti-Boris between the Tories this moment. Boris absolutely controls the party.

This is also an opportunity for Boris to prove that he is not the populist Trumpist clown everybody is expecting him to be. It is his golden opportunity that he stands for a United Kingdom and he can actually keep UK Britain united. Especially since Nicola Sturgeon has already announced her plans for a second referendum for an independent Scotland. This perhaps will be his biggest test followed by another weak link in the kingdom, Northern Ireland, a link with too many weaknesses and lethal traps.

Jeremy Corbyn lost and he lost big and it all his personal responsibility and it has absolutely nothing to do with all these accusations for his so-called anti-Semitism. Corbyn lost because even now, two days after the elections nobody knows where he stands regarding Brexit. Jeremy missed the point of these elections. Thinking that it was business as usual he talked about the poor miners, the nurses’ unions and the teachers’ salaries forgetting that this is not 1980s and that …nobody really cares. All the people cared for was to end this no-sense talk talk talk about Brexit. They wanted somebody to do they work and Jeremy was talking about the unions and the unemployment. And all that was coming from Jeremy personally.

Jeremy thought that he was some kind of Sanders fighting against some kind of Trump while trying to teach generations that grew up in capitalism and a totally consuming environment, hard core socialism. They didn’t care and they weren’t going to sacrifice their new iPhone for Jeremy or at least that’s how his message was arriving to them through The Mail and The Sun.

After that only in a case of a miracle the Labour Part will soon recover from this defeat and this again is Jeremy Corbyn fault. Jeremy acted as a union leader in the Labour Party with a certain authoritarian attitude, organizing the party around him and his often anachronistic ideas bringing back the long forgotten – for a good reason – old guard. And just like Jeremy, now they are back they are not ready to leave without a fight. It’s their chance to take back everything they lost during Thatcher era …thirty years after in a different century they don’t understand.

And what about the European Union, you might ask. Brussels was all smiles in the evening of the December 12th. For three years from Berlin to Rome all EU institutions and especially banks were preparing for a no-deal Brexit and now while fully prepared they know that it will …never happen. Boris has already half given the deal they wanted in Brussels and he knows that with Trump as an alternative he has better cover himself and the country with a good deal with EU. People who imagine bitter faces in Brussels live in the same dimension Jeremy lives. EU will be fine.

UK will be also fine as long Boris acts as Johnson and not as BoJo.

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