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What's a book for? What's a book for?
by Joseph Gatt
2019-12-12 10:51:21
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Are you about to write a book? Here's what you need to know about people who buy books, and what they use them for. Useful in case you want to know who the people who purchased your book are.

The uses of books:

-Buy a book and read it. Some people like to read almost every book they purchase. If they're not sure they are going to read it, they don't purchase the book.

boo01_400-Buy a book and someone will read it. Some people purchase books to give them as gifts to a spouse or family member when they are sure the person they give it to will read it.

-Buy a book and hope you will read it. Some people do read rather frequently, but often buy more books than they should. Such readers tend to overestimate the number of books they can read. They read one book a week, meaning 52 books a year, yet buy 300 books a year or more. This means a lot of books on their shelf that go unread.

-Buy books and hope people around you will read them. Some people buy books, read a few of them, but then hope to incite family members, people in the household or guests to read the books.

-Buy books to collect them rather than read them. Some people collect books and hope to open a small library, while others collect books as a pastime. Most people are driven in their collections that is they could try to collect every single book they can find on Napoleon or every single book and manuscript they can find on the Vietnam war, or every single book they can find written and published in Swahili, or collect children's books written in Hungarian.

-Buy books as decorative items. Some people like to tell their guests something about their ideology and ideals. So some will like to display books about Communism or about liberal economics or about conservative economics or about tennis or golf on the shelf, without every having the intention to read those books.

-People who collect books with no aim or goal in particular. I have a few friends who will welcome any book or books I give them. Some go to second-hand book stores and try to buy as many books as possible for as little money as possible. These guys don't collect books in qualitative fashion, but in quantitative fashion. They want to own as many books as possible.

-People who buy books to donate them. Some people buy books that they like to donate to charity.

-People who buy books because they want to pick up reading. These people often read very little if at all in their life, and start buying books because they want to pick up reading as a hobby.

-Buy books to better serve customers. Some cafés like to buy books and display them on the shelf to give their customers something to read. Some medical offices also have books available for patients.

-Finally, buy books for the title. Some people just want to own a book with a specific title, with no specific intention of reading the book. 

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