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THE FORMULA - a Practical Kabbalah THE FORMULA - a Practical Kabbalah
by David Sparenberg
2019-12-08 10:32:15
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This is a Kabbalah touching on the power of good and the power of evil, of truthfulness, by which life flourishes, and falsehood in service to the degrees of death. This is not fiction. It is Practical Kabbalah. In other circles, such is a formula for white magic.

In this the zaddik, having entered the level of the consciousness of prophecy, ascending to the center of a gathering of disciples, of initiates of deep prayer, invokes the energy of the power of goodness, so that truth is restored to prevalence.

The Evil One is a master of lies. The Evil One cannot cease lying. For the Adversary, lying is the same as breathing. Not to lie is not to breath and not to breath is to cease to be.

trcal01_400With the Evil One, lying is a whirlwind of anti-matter. It corrupts the vital energy and destroys the integrity of what it touches, and possesses the semblance of a blizzard, which is constant, and which has the visible semblance of a whirlwind of freezing-fire.

For the Evil One to cease the whirlwind of lying would be to recede back into the isolated monologue of internal chatter, to shrink into silence, which is intolerable to evil and the degrees of death, and to sink back into chaos, the relentless affliction of which cannot be endured.

Out of chaos the Evil One climbs, using the energy of anti-matter and the power of lying to exact revenge on the world of forms, which is the living sphere housing the aliveness of otherness. It is the autonomy of contemplation and action of others that the Evil One, consumed by jealousy and revenge, both fears and fiercely hates.

Know this: The Evil One is haunted by myriad shadows of self-sustaining accusations and will not bring about his own cessation out of willed defiance. Not to lie for the Evil One is not to breathe and not to breathe is not to be.

It is here that the Holy One, through the invocation of the zaddikim, of the righteous as prophets and as peers, intervenes. The Holy One fashions a golem, the semblance of a presence with substance, that is, density, but without soul and commands the golem to descend to the level of the Evil One.

There and then, in the dead of night, when the righteous arise in prayer at midnight, the golem penetrates the whirlwind of the Evil One and appears as light out of darkness and as calm and silence out of fury and noise. The appearance is not a dream, it is revelation. The golem, now breathlessly visible, enters the near side of embrace, interior to the wall of lies, and is seen by the Evil One as The Double.

When the Adversary beholds his double, the whirlwind subsides. It is this, the embrace of the golem as counter-facing substance without soul, that the Evil One cannot escape and cannot abide. The presence is his undoing. He is overwhelmed by the visitor formed from the power of the justice of creation and commanded by the Holy One to be, as it were, a naked mirror of identity-reckoning.

The Evil One, isolated in the silence of meditation, sinks again into the primal chaos of origin, is turned back to nothingness to await the transformation of return. Such is the formula, through the intention and concentration of the zaddik, whereby the Holy One restores the light of truth and suspends the reign of falsehood.

To know the energy of this undertaking is to know the power at the root of prophecy. To know the course of action that follows is to know that the inception is determined by the intention of Practical Kabbalah: as you touch, so are you touched upon. What is pure succeeds, what is impure rebounds with impurity. Before the first utterance there must be humility descending to the depths of soul and a search for clarity in the compassion of hallowing travail.

More than enough is already spoken.

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