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A dysfunctional ...thankstaking dinner A dysfunctional ...thankstaking dinner
by Thanos Kalamidas
2019-12-06 09:06:34
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London’s summit for NATO’s 70th anniversary was a travesty of a dysfunctional family’s reunion. Something like a traditional thanksgiving dinner with the crazy uncle, the dementia grandpa, the nagging aunty and the rebelling teens.

But first things first. NATO was never a family, was more like a contemporary alliance formed by need where eventually the oldest brother used the rest of the family for profit. While it started as a necessity for the west to deal with the Russian hostility and aggressiveness in Europe with the fall of the Berlin Wall it eventually evaluated into a convenient US arms supermarket. And while nobody wanted to admit it took a Donald Trump to say it openly and not only say it but also put sales targets and sales expectations to the allies.  

To make things worst -and after the end of the Soviet Union, NATO transformed into a global police for hire under US supervision with US arms. A field Mr Trump felt comfortable to thrive. There was profit and for a US with trillions in deficit any profit is good profit. That’s why the allies’ contribution became eventually Trump’s target. Donald Trump felt that he found the goose with the golden eggs that will make the US weapons’ industry thrive, will lower US unemployment, keep voters happy and him in the presidential seat.

nat01_400And while Trump kept pressuring and pressuring directly or indirectly Macron came to say loud what most of the European think, time to leave this dysfunctional family and create our own. Very Jungish but also very pragmatic. In the end its all about defence and you can not defend yourself with an ally who will come to help you only when there is cash on the table. Long live the euro-army! The long time dream of all European states including the new members from the east despite all the expressions of loyalty to the USA. They want to be in control instead of paying extras.

The final straw was Turkey. During these 70 years, Turkey has violated all the principals the alliance supposedly represents and lately Erdoğan makes sure that there is no NATO rule he will not destroy, provoke or challenge. Actually Trump’s best friend and best ally in the alliance has opened the Pandora’s Box that shows that NATO time is over. Leaving aside the reasoning for the whys Trump supports so much and so openly a dictator who ruins fundamentally NATO, Turkey has put on the table something Trump started. Erdoğan’s Turkey first following the dogma Trump’s USA first actually dismisses the meaning of an alliance supposedly standing on the principal: one for all and all for one.

The decadence of NATO in the 21st century proves that there was something fundamentally wrong with the alliance, there was an alternative reality everybody knew and nobody was willing to acknowledge and while they had the chance to end it with the end of the Soviet Union they kept it in steroids by feeding the US weapons industry. Why? Most likely because reputation sometimes creates fear. The reputation of an alliance with a superpower kept Putin in balance. But now? Now you get Trump and …balance gone to hell. The man is ready to invite Putin as NATO’s strategic adviser.

Next logical question, are the Europeans ready for a euro-army or is it just the illusion of 2nd grade superpowers? Truth said that if the European actually use the European manufacturing power they have sacrificed for decades in the name of the NATO they might have the infrastructure to compete the US arms industry. They also have the numbers and the money to do so. What they lack is will and always timing. Facing a Brexit and economic problems for some of the states does not help radical expansions like this that demand a huge investment in money. Plus, are they ready to compete with USA? Because this is where it all goes and Trump favourism to tariffs doesn’t help art all.

Oddly, a lot depends on Trump and if he will continue being the American president after 2020.

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Lars 2019-12-07 00:44:26
I, as an American, born an raised here, am embarrassed by the current poor excuse for a citizen of the earth we are required to call President and continue to hope he'll be projected into another dimension, sooner than later.

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