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Salience Salience
by Saloni Kaul
2019-12-03 09:12:04
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Submerged coherently in a deluge
Deliberations delicately explosive
A torrent of semiquaver-like arguments
We fluidly abandon pat a set of words
And settle for rhyming eqivalents.
Delineate !

salian01_400Rhyming dilemma decaying decumbent?
Recite a most mellifluous mantra
Capricious, utterly superfluous
For the Dharamsala Dalai Lama
Who for all those Tibetan medicine
Wonders couldn't even cure his own self.

Physician heal thyself, frailly they say!
Combat vituperatives violent
Unleashed bull-dozer like on the common
Breeds all on leashes so uncommon rare

Earn erudite early explanations
Eradicate intimidating rudeness
Those rude-toned brutal detonations fortissimo

Sound pattern flock-familiarity
Pitter-patter nugget-like the namedrops
Who do you know out there that I do not
Name clicking sound click-clocking family tree
Quite irrespective of bold attributes.

Out of respect swirling swishing spectacular
And no less out of disrespect deserved
Pay pay a tribute as Antony or Brutus
Pay pasquinading palest lip service
Pale all the wavering horizon length
With your words.
Yield ! Remunerate!

Decrepit dripping tributaries all
Oppositive overrunning extremities
While say recordedly the river all runs dry
Away away from the old rustic river
The riotously roaring yet reliable
Relic-like rippling effect

Bold breed in bulk like savage spawn
Augur articulate that all goes well
(Swell and down the whimsical well)
Like ding-dong ding-dong brindled bell
Hand-held hard-hammered gleaming glockenspiel
If you dislike intrinsically that feline species
As some wholeheartedly do.
Bon-bon bonanza!

What kinds of back-drop bells
Does each new name breathlessly ring?
Blow broad a baldric bugle bell
Bellow believingly a bright ballad
Belch sturdily a bloodcurdler on the one blade
Blarney stone be kind of kissed
Before you blithesome back-spin belt opaque
And blast a blustering blaspheme booster

For the back-seated and beleaguered lot.

Belittle all of them fortuitously
Persistent as oldest of campanile
Mediaeval bell chimes all careening,
Occasionally cantankerous all,

Hammered away the loud entire group.
When that old bellman is belligerent
He rings clangorously combat improvident.
The tactlessly impatient town is all at war.

Our carillons, predominantly all
Melodic, fine-tuned stationary bells
All keyboard hammered opalescently.
As you see conciliative; tone placates
And reunites like oldfashioned whip
In party politics once mandatory.

So swing, swing all the bells, let clapper ring,
A circle of vibrations at bell rim,
The sound bow all but slow-straining itself,
All almost as tricky as the casting
The tuning of the old old bell itself.

Prolonged resounding like proverbial bell tone
Resourcefully in rising or slowly waning partials,
Strongest of strikes, then hums dissolute diminishing,

And long drawn-out lingering overtones.
All overlapping in resultant resonance.

Concave conch-like  concordant concoctions

For this conciliatory conclusive one

Contender opulently concretised for that prime place !
Concatenation ! Topple the one there,

Concomitantly in concentric circles ,
Outstrip the line length outwardly at least,

Oust the Mister unceremoniously.

If totally installed, rigorously uninstal.

All to augment, outstretch prosperity
After all.

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AC2019-12-03 19:30:21
Poem well-laden with 'bold attributes'. A lot to take in , shall study soon.

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