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The Sky Is Green, The Grass Is Blue.... The Sky Is Green, The Grass Is Blue....
by Leah Sellers
2019-12-01 09:59:29
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Cheyenne swept into the Kitchen, and scattered her papers and books in front of her on the Kitchen Table before sitting down. “Mama, I have been studying Reality !”

Cheyenne’s Mama smiled as she kneaded the homemade sour dough bread on her lightly floured bread board. “Now, that’s a hefty topic you’ve chosen to study, Baby. And what does the Dictionary have to say about the meanings of Reality ?”

“I knew you would ask that Mama, so I brought the Webster’s with me,” Cheyenne chirped.

“The dictionary says Reality is a quality or state of Being Real, lah-dee-dah-dee-dah. But, if you don’t know what Real is, you can’t really understand Reality. So, I looked up the word Real.”

“Good thinking, Sweetheart,” Cheyenne’s Mama affirmed as she began to grease and flour the bread pan.

“Thank you, Mama,” Cheyenne said proudly. “The word Real is of or relating to fixed, permanent, immovable things, such as lands or tenements, not artificial, fraudulent, illusory or apparent. Genuine. A Fact.”

far01_400“But Mama, I have been paying Attention to a few things lately, and have been experimenting with Reality.”

“Experimenting with Reality ?” Cheyenne’s Mama smiled with amusement. “And just how have you been doing that, Young Lady ?”

“Well, I started with Jacob, but just like all little Brothers everywhere, I couldn’t get him to sit still long enough,” Cheyenne declared irritably.

Cheyenne’s Mama laughed, “And what did that tell you about Reality ?”

“That People with very different Ideas and Intentions can live in the same Reality, Mama.”

“Mama, will you let me try my experiment on you ?”

Cheyenne’s Mama closed the oven door, and set the Timer for the freshly made bread.

“Yes, Honey. Let me wash my hands, and I’ll join you at the Kitchen Table.”

“Alright, now. What do I need to Do to Help you Be successful with this experiment of yours ?”

“Nothing, Mama, just sit there, and follow my Instructions.”

“Easy enough. I’m ready when you are, Cheyenne.”

Cheyenne pulled a shiny piece of tin foil from one of her books, and began to wave it around inches from her Mama’s face.

“Alright, Mama, now make your Eyes follow this shiny piece of foil.” Cheyenne wove the shiny, Reflective foil in a circular motion.

Cheyenne’s Mama dutifully rolled her Eyes around and around following the foil’s rotational, cyclical path.
Cheyenne suddenly hid the foil behind her back, and quickly used her other hand to gently grasp her Mama’s chin.

“Now, look into my eyes. Deep into my eyes, Mama, and Listen to what I say. And no fair laughing, Mama.”

“I promise not to laugh, Cheyenne,” Cheyenne’s Mama said earnestly, but with a twinkle in her Eyes.

“Alright, get ready to Listen to every word I say, and Do exactly what I ask. Okay ?”

“I promise,” Cheyenne’s Mama nodded affirmatively.

Cheyenne shifted her voice into a dreamy tone saying, “The Sky is Green. The Grass is Blue. The Sky is Green. The Grass is Blue. Repeat after me, Mama. The Sky is Green. The Grass is Blue…”

“But, Cheyenne, you said that this was a Reality Experiment. The Sky is not Green , and the Grass is not Blue. I’m confused as to what we’re Doing here.”

Cheyenne suddenly fluttered the shiny, Reflective foil in front of her Mama’s Eyes and said, “Make your Eyes follow the shiny foil, Mama. Follow it. Let it Hypnotize you. Just follow the shiny foil,” Cheyenne continued to assert as she made the foil shift and flurry here and there in mid-air around her Mama’s head.

“But why ?” Cheyenne’s Mama asked as she made her Eyes follow the shiny foil.

“The foil is a shiny thing meant to Deflect and Distract your Attention away from anything that you Say or Think or Do that I don’t want you to Say or Think or Do.”

“But what does that have to Do with the Reality we’re in ? Why would you try to Dis-Honestly Trick me into avoiding a Check on the Reality we’re in ? And where did you get these Anti-Reality Reality techniques come from, Cheyenne ?” Cheyenne’s Mama asked poignantly.

“Presidents Putin-Trump, and their Republicans, Mama. They spend a lot of time telling people that the Sky is Green and the Grass is Blue.”

“They’re always repeating Lies, and throwing out shiny, Reflective tin foil like confetti. So, it must Be important to Learn how to Do the same things, too.”

Cheyenne’s Mama was Speechless.

“Brrrrrrrrrrrr,” Cheyenne and her Mama both flinched in a startle as the oven's time alarm’s Buzzer went off. Cheyenne’s shiny, Reflective foil left her hand, and drifted to the floor in a dull blur.

In Reality the Bread was Done within the buzzing, hot oven of their comfortable Home under a brilliant Blue Sky, and surrounded by vibrant Green Grass and leafy trees.

Cheyenne and her Mama looked into one another’s Eyes and laughed in relief.


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