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But, I Am the Law! But, I Am the Law!
by Leah Sellers
2019-11-26 10:23:51
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“But, I Am the Law !”

“Cheyenne, I need you to come downstairs this very minute, Young Lady.”

“Yes, Mama,” Cheyenne said uncertainly as she slowly climbed down the staircase toward the Living Room.

“Join me in the Kitchen, please, and I’ll make us a cup of hot cocoa,” Cheyenne’s Mama said firmly.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Cheyenne said automatically as she dutifully followed her Mother into the Kitchen. She pulled out a chair and sat upon the edge of the seat.

farmty01_400“Your Younger Brother Jacob told me that it was you who told him to take Mr. Longjohn’s bicycle off of his front porch so that you could ride it. Is that true ?” Mama asked as she stirred the hot cocoa heating up under the stove’s steady flame.

“Well, I don’t really know Jacob that well, Mama. Although he seems like a nice guy…”

“Jacob is your Younger Brother, Cheyenne,” Cheyenne’s Mama had stopped stirring the cocoa, and was staring directly into her squirming Daughter’s green eyes.

“Yes, Ma’am, I know that, but Jacob has a mind of his own. Hypothetically, even if I might have vaguely suggested something like that, Jacob has a mind of his own. Needs of his own. Jacob is the one who took Mr. Longjohn’s bicycle. Not me,” Cheyenne said shifting in her chair uncomfortably.

Cheyenne’s Mother quietly poured hot cocoa into two mugs, and carried them over to the round Kitchen Table. She set Cheyenne’s steaming mug before her, and sitting down set her own mug down in front of herself.

“Cheyenne, You are the Eldest. Jacob looks up to you. If you told him to jump off of a Bridge, he’d probably do it. How could you misuse your Personal Power like that ? How could you set your Younger Brother up like
that ? Ask him to steal for you like that ? Why would you want to Steal someone else’s property like that ?”

“Cheyenne, Your Daddy and I have raised you, the both of you, to Be Better Than That.”

“Yes Ma’am, but I did not take Mr. Longjohn’s bike. Jacob did. He stole it. Not me,” Cheyenne said emphatically.

“Cheyenne, you and Jacob sit down right beside your Daddy and me in Church every Sunday, and what does the Bible say about stealing ?”

“Thou shalt not Steal, Mama.”

“And do you believe in God’s Word ? In God’s Laws for All of Humankind ?”

“Yes Ma’am, I do, ‘cause the Bible tells me to, and because you and Daddy tell me to, and because my Sunday School Teacher, Mrs. Viola, tells me to, and because the Preacher Strict tells me to, and because the Church’s Congregation tells me to.”

“Then why would you Choose to go against the God’s and the Church’s Rule of Law, and Choose to steal a bike that was not yours to ride, and talk your Younger Brother into doing the Sinful deed for you ? You doubled your Sin, Young Lady.”

“Mama, are you Impeaching me ? Are you trying to take away my place as Jacob’s Elder Sister ? Are you trying to Ground me ?”

“What in the world are you talking about, Cheyenne. What does Impeachment have to do with any of this ?”

“It has everything to do with everything, Mama,” Cheyenne said sliding around in her seat. “Everything.”

“I am the Eldest. That makes me Jacob’s Leader. He is supposed to Listen to everything that I say. He is supposed to Do everything I say. I am the Leader. I Am the Queen. I Am the Rule of Law.”

“I wanted to ride a bicycle, and you and Daddy have not fixed my broken down bicycle yet. And Mr. Longjohn never rides his bicycle. It’s just sitting there rusting away on his old front porch. And Mr. Longjohn does not like Kids. He’s always yelling at all of the Neighborhood’s Kids or Jacob and I about one thing or another. He’s a Grumpy Old Man.”

“And you feel that his wrongdoings, his grumpiness gives you the Right to Steal from him, instead of asking him if it would be alright to Borrow his bike for a while ?”

“Mr. Longjohn will never let any Kid do that, Mama. And In My World, I Am the Queen and what I Think or Feel or Say is what is Right, and if Jacob goes against me then he is Wrong, because I Am the Queen and he is my Vassal.”

“And because I am the Queen, Mama, I can do Anything and Everything I want to Do because I Am the Law.”

“Cheyenne, where did you get all of these cock-a-mamy ideas ? Who has Corrupted your Heart and Soul with such Corrupt Thinking ? This is not how your Daddy and I have raised you to Be ?”

Cheyenne was on a roll and ignored her Mother’s query. “And Jacob is a Whistleblower, and I do not tolerate Whistleblowers in my Queendom ! Off with his head, I say !”

“And in my Queendom, I cannot be a Sinner if I do not want to be Seen as a Sinner, because I Am the Queen. You cannot Impeach me, you cannot Ground me, because I Am the Law !

“I Am not Above the Law or Below the Law or Beside the Law ! I cannot Break the Law because I Am the
Law !”

“And what Jacob told you is HearSay ! No one can prove that I told him to Steal the bike, because even if they could, I will not let them, because I Am the Queen, and that gives me the Right to Say, and Tweet, and Pardon the Sinfully Guilty, and Threaten, and Extort, and Bribe, and Weenie Grab, and Do Any and Everything I Want or Need to Do for Me, Me, Me ! Off with HearSaying, Whistleblowing Talking Heads, I Say !” Cheyenne pronounced accusatorily.

“And what Jacob did is on him. Not me. He stole Mr. Longjohn’s bike. Not me ! Jacob is the one who needs to be Grounded and sent to his room for a whole week ! Not me ! Because Jacob did the Crime so he should Do the Time ! Not me !”

“Cheyenne who Corrupted your Thinking like this ? Who taught you these Twisted and Destructive ways of looking at things and Behaving ?” Cheyenne’s Mother asked with uncomprehending alarm.

“President Trump !” Cheyenne said proudly.

“Oh,” Cheyenne’s Mama said flatly as her face and shoulders sagged into a Dark Void of UnRaveling IrReSolution and DisIllusion.

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