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No adults in the room, eponymous or anonymous No adults in the room, eponymous or anonymous
by Thanos Kalamidas
2019-11-22 10:16:46
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The book, "A Warning" by Anonymous, reached me sometime around noon on the 18th of November and I had it read the same evening. I’ve read in page after page about an unethical, erratic and often illogical, ignorant, arrogant and self-centered individual who believes that he is an emperor and god’s gift to America. But I also read …nothing new.

We all know who Donald Trump is and one way or another we all have seen the consequences of his erratic, illogical and often psychotic behavior all around the world. Actually, for us who don’t live in USA, it is easier to recognize the madness in his behavior and the discriminating authoritarianism in his actions. But this book was not written for us.

anon01_400_01The book had a very specific target, the 2020 voters and the peak of the spear was “don’t vote for Donald Trump”. And while I’m sure a lots of Democrats, Trump haters or never-Trumpists will agree with the anonymous writer there is an equal number of Republicans, Trump-lovers and Trumpists who will not care and absolutely ignore it. Because this is USA today. A deeply divided country with each side practicing stuck in monotonous often hateful monologues, ignoring each other.

So in the end of the day, “A Warning,” by Anonymous was another brick in the …wall.

But lets start from the beginning. The intro of the book while it was a short of thesis on American democracy, American constitution and the obligations of a democratic president, I have to admit that to me it sounded more like an …apology or - even worst – a hard try from the anonymous writer to somehow persuade the reader that he is …republican and not a Trump hater. Actually the writer often goes into a series of long proclamations on how much he wanted this administration to succeed on its republican agenda but …it is all Trump to blame for. So why anonymously?

What damage this book can do and how his “Warning” is going to work when everything he writes is know and if it wasn’t known it has not come as a surprise. Actually we are so used of Trump and his behavior that there is some kind of a global challenge if he could surprise us anymore. I mean, De Niro said the other day that he’s scared that Trump will go for a war just to find an excuse to extent his presidency till 2024. I’m sorry Robert but you were the only one …surprised. The rest of us have already thought about it and even some have written about it. Trump as usual.

But what if the book had a name? Let’s say Rex Tillerson, or even better, Mick Mulvaney. That would be an earthquake and …yes, the end of Trump presidency. You don’t think it could be Rex or Mick? Will Joseph Maguire, Gina Haspel or David Bernhardt do? Any of these names would make the house to fall. But anonymous in the era of impeachment …means nothing.

But back to the book itself. The best proof that there is absolutely nothing new in this “Warning” is the fact that I felt like …jumping pages. I confess. I couldn’t be bother read every single time Trump said something erratic, something stupid, illogical or crazy and to be honest, long before the end I got bored.

In the end and paraphrasing something the anonymous author mentioned in both, the book and his New York Time Op-Ed essay last year, there are no adults in the room, eponymous or anonymous. And as long Trump is in charge of this kindergarten …nothing and nobody is safe!

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