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Logo a No-Go
by Clint Wayne
2007-06-10 10:59:00
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Have you seen it? The 2012 London Olympic ‘logo’ was launched this week and within hours a spontaneous public revolt had materialised demanding that the unbelievable £400,000 image be given ‘the order of the boot’, but then what do you expect when decisions like this are made by politicians?

Created by Wolff OlinsWhat a great chance they missed! In today’s television world when the country has gone voting mad whether it be for the next ‘Joseph’ or for the latest nobody to be ejected from the ‘Big Brother’ house what better idea could there have been than to run a competition, in the spirit of the Olympics, and invite both professional and amateur designers to create their image and allow ‘Joe Public’ to vote for their favourite, get the whole country involved and make money as opposed to throwing it down the drain.

Within hours of the launch the BBC invited designs to be sent to their Web-site and they were soon inundated with dozens of versions that many believe better capture both the spirit of London and the Games. Wolff Olins, the creator, have made an attempt to make the logo modern and appeal to the ‘Internet Generation’ and failed miserably making it look more like a swastika. Surely the logo should have been designed to be inviting and inclusive of the whole country and be something of which to be proud, such as the design for the Sydney Olympics.

http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/43019000/jpg/_43019439_r_voysey203v2.jpgThe amateur designers certainly gave them a lesson in creativity. Take a look at the image suggested by the BBC’s overall winner Richard Voysey. It is clear, clever and imaginative and certainly would have got my vote. The way he has blended the 2012 into London is inspirational and fully deserved the honour.

Even the Organising Committee Chairman Seb Coe, who was always fleet of foot on the track, cleverly side-stepped the media’s question when asked whether he supported the logo and answered, “I was not involved in the design”. No wonder he won Gold.

The Olympic organisers [politicians] have hailed it as ‘dynamic’ and ‘vibrant’ and insisted that it will not get ditched and that people will get used to it. Are we surprised? Of course not when has President Blair’s Labour Party ever listened to the people!

It is utterly ironic that on the same day as the ‘Logo’ launch that this government who has done nothing but undermine all the virtues that make us proud to be British announced that we should have a ‘Britain Day’ to celebrate ‘values’ and ‘intergenerational’ links. Another Sound-Bite, another ‘gimmick’ from a government that has run out of steam with incoming Prime Minister Gordon Brown doing all he can to promote Britain because he knows that England will not vote for a Scottish Prime Minister.

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Sand2007-06-09 19:20:06
From a purely abstract graphic point of view I find the official design chaotic and visually weak. The criticism that it suggests a swastika indicates how powerful Hitler's choice of that very ancient and once neutral design was. I remember during WWII that patriotic native Americans burned their blankets with swastika designs woven in them to demonstrate their patriotism although the design is embodied in many designs thousands of years old. Perhaps the best criticism of the design is that it is purely weak visually and basically suggestive of chaos.

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