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"Playground Story"
by Jan Sand
2007-06-11 09:44:13
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When Hugh is high
Lew is low.
Their seesaw sees
That this is so
Ann clings tight

To her swing
She laughs and shouts,
She likes to sing.
She shouts when she
Swings up high.
She shouts when she
Swoops down low.
And in-between,
So it seems,
Emits her loudest
Noisy screams.
Mothers sit,
Watch on benches.
Some are plain.
Some are wenches,
Listening attentively
Whether noises
Ring joyously
Or become hysterical,
Frightening or lyrical.
Or just plain
Children roll,
Children tumble.
Some can dance.
Some just stumble.
Small dogs yip
Large dogs growl,
Owners grip,
Grandmas grumble.
Pigeons coo.
Sparrows chirp.
Not much new,
Grandpas burp.
This goes on
All day through
In the cold,
In the heat.
Tomorrow will
All repeat.

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Thanos2007-06-11 21:06:38
"Tomorrow will
All repeat."
Very good!!! :)

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