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Arcanum Arcanum
by Saloni Kaul
2019-11-14 09:32:46
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In those high-flown attempts eternal flat

To gain harmonious constants consistently
You level up all equability
Confabulating like love's all coy constancy
Briskly rubbing off with unstinted purpose
On scheme's two lovers in faithfulness twined,

Like heat slides always instantly freely
From planes warm-warmer-warmest to cooler
In manner most disciplinary
O ever equalising prettily

Taut unpretentiously in swift effect

Like liquids levelling from wide-mouthed flask
And buoyantly-tipped cylindrical beaker
To Boyle's slick slimmest tube and apparatuses.
A presentation different, volume exactly as it was !

secrets01_400Hence warmest lengths all cool given the time,
Those coolest stretches all quite soon heat up,
Each chasing like extravagance in language
That smoothest common temperature factor

Like trading stacks of cards all honestly
That hasty give and take of those prize cards
In absolutely closely-guarded winning hand,

As though each is somehow quite utterly unable
To then sustain its own high-brow extreme
And ever so anxious to seal its fate
And one smart way or other the entire deal,
Declare , whether genteel soft or bombastic loud,
Declare a win pep preferably !

A thermal equilibrium status
Fidelity-high, minimum distortion,
Is keenly sought unsparingly!
Heat's transferred, motion is increased

Tactfully as an immediate result.

That's exegetically speaking so

As clear exemplified in free translations.

In the exceptional excessive heat

Of this profoundly stifling atmosphere
As though bothered intensely by scruples severe,
That stray twinge of responding conscience,

Today even acutely sensing shadows all
Immoderately sizzle expounding modestly
Their own scholarly well-woven logical rationale.

From this respectable and unembroiled distance
I watch them cooler, suddenly protected.

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YC2019-11-20 19:09:57
An interesting poem that tosses many ideas up for contemplation. Entertaining with a humorous component, I like the well-formed lines housed in the apparently free form that contains the poem brilliantly. Congratulations to the poet Saloni Kaul !

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